The power of 'I am' (inspired by Joel Osteen)

We have all done this mistake, prophesying defeat and failure upon our lives. Situations like sickness, loneliness, jobless, poverty have hit us on our bones to the point of us inevitably accepting death and hear our words in such times, " Oh God, i am destroyed. I am a failure. I am dull. This problem is too big, i cannot survive it. That interview, i cannot make it. I am hated, i am unloved, i am lonely and i am unfavored" and so many other terrible prophesies about our lives. I did this mistake some days ago and i have done it more than often: I knew it, i cannot make it. This is bad.
According to Joel Osteen, our thoughts are words without life and we give them life when we speak them loud. Listen, good and bad thoughts come to us all. However, what we speak out with our mouth is what gets fulfilled in our lives. According to Proverbs 6:2, we can be trapped or limited by our words. Even when we are sick, it is better to say, i am getting better. Even when we are having trouble, it is better to say, i am gonna see a way. Even when we are jobless, it is good to say, i am having a job soon. These positive prophesies become physical realities.

For those who are health workers, you are aware of hypnotherapy. In this therapy, we induce physical healing in a patient by use of his mind through speaking positive healing things into it. Also, in management of pain, there is some kind of healing in reassurance. I believe Joel Osteen is right, actually, it is what the bible teaches. According to Joel Osteen, we should not use our tongue to describe our bad situation but we should use it to describe our future. We should not speak of the problems but of the promises, that is the way of victory.

So instead of proclaiming how sick and unhealth you are, start saying, i am health, i am blessed, i am favored by God, i can make it, i am loved, i am beautiful, i am handsome, i am doing well, i am okay, i am gonna be alright. These words become realities. In the book of Ezekiel, God instructs him to speak to dead bones and they become alive. Words have power. It is a nice thing to have such positivity for yourself's sake. When Satan throws terrible bad thoughts of defeat in your heart, do not help him by speaking them out, they will die from there. Actually, is is better that if you cannot speak something good happening in your situation, just keep quiet.

What is the point today? Wake up every morning, look into the mirror and say, you are a beautiful thing. Look at your arms and legs and figure and say, wabula you are health. Look into the face of a new day and say, you are gonna make it. As you approach a day for interviews, say, i will make it. Start prophesying words like, no weapon of destruction formed against me will prosper, i am more than a conquerer, i am blessed and loved by most high God, i belong to God and so many other good words. The truth is that you may be facing troubles but if you insist on prophesying the opposite on your life, you will end up in a better position.

Thanks. God bless you
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