Tip 3 of maintaining your faithfulness to your lover: Expect every fault in her to be five times worse in other women

For those who follow my articles, our first tip was from Henry Mutebe and it was about carrying small photos of your lover and children with you in your pocket money or any other documents that you carry with you anytime everywhere. The second tip was trying to learn and do most of the home chores. We understood that most girls or ladies are gonna utilize the times when your woman is absent or away in the name of cooking, washing, sweeping or organizing the house. If a man is comfortable with these small house chores, then he is at a low risk of being invaded with these so called ‘friends of your wife’. Today, we are sharing our tip number three. Follow closely.
You see, many of us do cheating on our lovers especially when having bad days with them. Your wife has annoyed you at home and you left with no smile only to meet a smiling face in the office, your secretary. At times, you feel like this secretary is marvelous and so lovely but I wish you knew what kind of woman she would if she was put exactly in your wife’s position. The truth is that almost all women are worst compared to the one you have now. Yeah, there are really those times when separation and divorce is inevitable and ultimately becoming a solution but these times are rare and for most of us. Actually, it is always common for a woman to find a better man but not for a man to find a better wife, have you thought about that one??
Okay, what I am saying is this; your woman, despite all her faults and current mistakes, is the best. Listen, you may think she nags a lot, you may think she annoys so much, you may think she is not cooperative, you may think anything bad about her but all these faults are likely to be worse in another woman. So this thinking helps you to stay calm and faithful to your lover even when she is not having good times with you. Really, if you are having chronic bad times with your wife, a year after a year, that is a grave thing to consider, but not these daily disturbances that any couple meets. And believe me; so many men have cheated on their wives in simple situations like these.
What is the point today? You are not going to find a perfect person in this world, a woman who can be all you want in a woman, a wife who is like a robot and is following your orders and instincts without a mess, a woman who has no emotions or eager to defend her ego too, you won’t find that person. And if you found her, you would be finished for there is no sweetness in such a woman. God meant it the way it is. Our differences bring about the enthusiasm that makes life so much interesting and not boring. So your woman is the right one with all her unique futures compared to yours. However, for great improvement and happiness, we all as a couple or people in love have to come together and learn how to express ourselves without hurting our feelings. That is what you have to work on with your wife but not to change wives. Changing wives will bring you continuous disappointments and chronic headaches.
When we fall in love, we do not do so with perfect people, we do so with imperfect ones who we see as perfect ourselves. Eeeeh, what am I saying? I am saying that when we are in love, we see imperfectness as perfect. And I think there is no confusion here otherwise how can me who is imperfect myself see someone who is so perfect. So we are the same. We all have faults and disagreements, anger and varying emotions but we just work on them as people in love. So here is the tip: Even though that ka woman at the shop, that ka secretary at the office, that ka lady at the school is smiling and being all that perfect to you, she is not as perfect as your wife. The day you will put her in the position of your lovely queen, that day you will understand what it means to escape a frying pan and dropping in the real furnace. God be with you
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