Unexpected sunshine (inspired by Joel Osteen)

You see, there are lives we are used to. There are troubles we know we can't escape. There are conditions and situations that have inevitably became part of us and so we have rested and accepted the defeat. Even people reach at a point and you, everything is clear, you are finished. The medical report says you have cancer, how else do you expect life? That job needs connection to have it, how dare you dream of it from down there? This season is for clouds, where else do you expect sunshine?
I remember days  ago when  i wrote an article covering the unexpected miracles. People were not sure that God can heal a fracture or HIV in minutes. In response to their questions, i said, " our God is the author of every scientific knowledge and principle that we know. He can, however, at times use the unusual means to make his will come true". Yes, there can be unexpected sunshine in matters of crisis. According to Joel Osteen, it is this heart of expecting God's intervention even on the last minute that works for a believer. Yes, you must have suffered for long and the disease or problem seems to be part of you but our God can bring change overnight. Maybe you have struggled a lot with your dream but a simple phone call can change your destiny. Maybe you are not seeing a way to make your goals or desires come true but our God can surprise us all.

Actually, it is just that we do not take some time  and think about our past, but i am sure each one of us has a time when God surprised him, the times when you got an answer from unexpected source. The same God who surprised you then can surprise you now. You see, even when we do not see a way, God know there is a way. Even when we do not know how, God knows how. There can be unexpected breakthrough, an unexpected sunshine for our lives.

According to Osteen, we should not even struggle so much trying to understand how God is gonna help us out, we should trust in his many ways that He will save us. Yeah, it is not bad to speak how hopeless it is for you, how there is no any other way of jumping out of the trouble, but we should not stop from there. We should add that our God knows what to do and that our hope only remains in Him alone. So we go

What is my point now? There can be surprises from God even when there are no more options for us from the knowledge of even the greatest of us all. God opposed the biological union of man and woman in forming a baby and had Jesus produced without the union of man and woman. God is great and can make a turning point for your life over a night. I am ashamed that i have undermined Gods power in some situations , i am sorry.

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