Waiting, it is not bad unless badly done

You see, many motivational speakers have always told you that if you wait for the right time, you will never make it. But I say, yes, you have to wait for the right time and be doing something else meanwhile. Listen, there is such a thing as bad timing. For those who read my articles, we proposed that it is bad to tell your boss to increase your salary when he has been having quarrels with workers over late coming. It is a terrible mistake to demand that your father should increase your school pocket money when your report is poor that semester or term. It is a terrible mistake to rise up a hand and question your preacher when he is in the middle of sermon isn’t it? Anyway, there is bad timing and good timing. And allow me to say that some of our failures are due to bad timing.
There is waiting, it is a virtue. It is being patient while your goal comes. It is allowing yourself have all that it takes to make a successful move, either in business, love, relationships, political or even in your health. When your motivator tells you never to wait for the right times or opportunities, he is just deceiving. He should, instead, tell you how to wait and rightly do it. Here is my version and I am your new motivator, listen to me please. Waiting is simply postponing a program while doing something else. Simply, it is trying to do the right thing at the right time and in the right place. Yeah, there are many errors we make as we try to discern between these things of right thing, right place and right time, but it does not kill the fact that there should be some waiting and some planning.

So you have to wait, it is not bad unless wrongly done. Here is how you should wait: Do something else as you wait for the big dream. This other thing that you do may either be connected to the other big dream or goal or totally different from it. For example, if you are planning to make a business, you may wait and meanwhile be serving your boss very well. This will give you enough time for experience and also money for capital. There are so many people who drop their jobs mbu they want to be entrepreneurs and they end up losing the two sides. I am not saying that you remain a slave to your boss or current job, I am simply saying that have time to prepare your move. If you are planning to release a book, you may wait while writing a paragraph everyday or reading some other people’s work. You can also wait while praying for your big goal.

The truth is that there should never be such a thing as inactivity; you should always be doing something. By the way, even sleeping is a strategy. When I am preparing to have night duties or work, I usually sleep a lot during the day, that sleeping is a valuable activity. If you are planning to have a journey, you can wait the whole day while praying for it, which is a valuable activity. Do not just start on anything because they told you that you won’t get anywhere by waiting, learn how to wait while working on something else. When I visit an office and they say, ‘sit there and wait a little’, I then start opening up my emails and replying them if possible. When the school A says that you wait for the time and apply for study vacancies, apply in other schools meanwhile. When the sponsorship comes for a course in Engineering, do it as you wait for the one in medicine.

What is my point today? It is not a sin to wait or even postpone some activities; how you do it is what counts. Do not be tempted to rush into something, wait for right time and moments. If it was the day of asking for leave and your boss is quarrelsome that day, wait and do it tomorrow when he is in moods. If you wanted to sing and you do not have the nice voice that day, wait for tomorrow and do something else on that day. Remember our big dreams and goals are usually products of our small daily goals, dreams and deeds and thus we should not undermine even the simple minutes of thinking, praying, or resting. Wait for the right time, but do something else for the time being.

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