Where does love start or come from??

So to have good love, where should it start? We shared this question some days ago here on face book and I am back to simply answer it. View it this way. When God (love) created us, he did that with love and made us in his image (the image of love). So many of you pretend that you can live without love, but that is an illusion. It is in the fiber of love that we are all made. Love is natural and rooted in every individual. Some of us have ever wondered if terrorists have love! And I think they have much of it that it turns them crazy. If you have ever followed some of these cases, most of them are doing what they do for the families they love, for the beliefs they cherish, for the gods they serve, for the nations they care about. This is love though in disguise. There is a lot needed to explain what exactly is going on in the world of love for a terrorist or serial killer but simply know that they have love, it is in their blood too.
Okay, back to our point. After we were created in his image, we started developing feelings and love for other creatures. Adam started looking after other creatures. He cared about the dog, the rat and the cow. He also cared about himself. That was love flowing. What happened next? God introduced another greater level of love-Romance. He created Eve and offered her as a romantic woman to her husband, they enjoyed love, I mean romance.
Summary, 3 kinds of love exist: The love between and among us as people in God's image, the love between us and our God, and the love between us and our lovers or romantic partners. That is a natural law that none of us can escape. You may pretend and say that you are satisfied but you and me know that something is wrong somewhere.

Okay so where should love start from or who should it start with? Simply, God is the creator or author of love, He is love himself. Then He puts that love into a person so he can know how to care and love himself as he shares this intimacy with God. However, God being a higher human being and not on our same level, man can easily express this love to His fellow beings. Love starts with God, then loving our self, and then loving others. Love God, Love yourself and then love others, that is the order

It may appear in any other arrangement depending on how you show your love with gifts and actions but the order remains and is natural. You cannot love yourself before knowing that God loves you well and you cannot love others if you cannot love yourself. Good day. The Complete You Project


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