Who said that Charity begins at home? And what is charity anyway? What is home??

Many people have ever come across this proverb and confused the word home with where they are born from (their parents, brothers, sisters and relatives). In the 1st century, a Wise-man called Jesus was born. In the Pursue of the same fulfillment of charity beginning at home, he started proclaiming God's message and the relief in life starting with his people. But surprisingly, they did not believe in Him. I don't think that He did not known what would result; I think he wanted us to learn something. He said, "It is hard for a prophet to be accepted among his own people". And one day when his mother sent for Him while he was having good times with friends, he said, "My mother and brothers are those we share God's kingdom".

You see, there are people who are more than our brothers or even parents; that is what we call home. There are places that feed us, accept us and accommodate us with gratitude, those places are our homes. They may not be necessarily our places of birth, but they are our homes simply because they received us and accept us the way we are. They may not be our blood or biological brothers and parents, but some people are our homes because they have been there for us than our real families. Yeah, that is our home. And in that perspective, charity indeed starts at home.
There are people who think they own what you have by virtue of the biological relations between you and they and I think that is a bad belief. People should own a part of what you are or have simply because they have been there for you and have accepted you, they are your home. If the home referred to in our proverb is what you have been thinking, then I bet the proverb is very misleading. But if the home referred to is this one that i have explained, and then the proverb is right.

For those who follow my writings, i have always emphasized that it is not enough to be called a parent (a father, mother) simply because you produced someone; it is only valid if you took Care of the child. Otherwise even rats, dogs, and birds give birth and try to take care of their children or young ones or eggs. There are people who can have more rights to the children than you the real mother or father simply because they have been there than you and I think this is the right perception. Remember, what I am talking about here is not money or property, I am taking about being there for someone in love, care, time, listening, patience, counseling and mentoring. From this perspective, every parent or relative of some kind can have the means of being there for someone.
What is my point today? There are those uncles, cousins, aunts, brothers, and sisters, and in some unusual instances, parents who were never there for you even once and now that you are better, they are calling you for money and support simply because they are your biological relatives, there are those people who you meet and only confront you with the reason mbu you are of their tribe, or you come from the same village, do not get pressurized by them anymore. Actually, look at that family which grew you up, look at a friend who had time to listen to your story or mistakes while at school. Look at that person who said it will be okay when you were crying, that is your home.

Aaaah do not get surprised you have a small heart for your relatives, your parents, your brothers and sisters, and yet you have a good heart towards other people and strangers. Sometimes these relatives do not really deserve your heart. Ha-ha, this is gonna be hard to get, but I know you will: None of us deserves the best and thus we get anything good out of God's grace. In that insight, even your careless relatives can get some good from you but on this merit of grace not on merit of them being your biological relatives.
Finally, I am blessed that my family, my dad and mother were and are always there for me, but i know out there are people who have suffered humiliation in life despite having great uncles, cousins, mothers or fathers, those people are not your home. Your home is where you were accepted and listened to; take your charity to that side. Actually, this requires no teaching, I am sure your heart will be propelled to help and be there for the right people. And you people who think you can receive a helping hand from others simply because you are relatives, you are on the wrong side of the gospel, work for the good you want.

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