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The unnecessary legal war on homosexuality in Uganda

Simply, homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. It can as well be defined as the enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/ or sexual attractions primarily or exclusively to people of the same sex. According to American Psychological Association, homosexuality is one of the three main categories of sexual orientation, others being bisexuality and heterosexuality. Over the years, there has been controversy as to what exactly causes people to be homosexuals and different views stretching from religion, science and culture have been brought on board giving us no specific conclusion on what makes people become sexually orientated towards homosexuality direction. However, so many studies have revealed that both nature and nurture play part to bring out this version of sexual orientation. Different perceptions, understanding and beliefs regarding this kind of life have resulted in the unending controversy of w…

Value in our services is only vital for moral reasons not for cash flow reasons.

Many entrepreneurs won’t miss telling you that money will come in and business flourish if you keep bringing value to the people via the services you give, but I argue this point is only true if the moral partition of it is brought to focus. You see, there are many businesses out here which are doing more bad than good to the society yet they are flourishing. Actully, it reminds me Andrew Mwenda’s view on corruption. I really agreed with Mwenda that Corruption is wrong and terribly bad only when looked at from the morality angle. In the same, we can only consider giving value to people with our services from the morality point of view but not from the view that it will flourish our businesses and maybe increase cash flow.


After indulging myself in the scenes of the movie, 24, I never thought I would land in another thriller of the type or even more, Blacklist has revived that fantasy, that content that makes you think beyond limit. And I am not afraid that this movie is on the list of MOVIES EVERY CEO MUST WATCH. The man of the movie is Reddington. This guy is extremely good and acts his part very well. His knowledge and application of human psychology is exactly like that of Jack Bauer of 24 but has extra. Ray Reddington can get almost all information without necessarily involving torture, which is different from Jack. On this point, I want to, however, point out that JACK delt with more ruthless people than this Blacklist guy.

Coming to terms with yourself, the peace that you are seeking is there.

Seated outside here, feeling the coldness of this passing air and how, well, this night can't explain where I am exactly, I wonder what the hell takes away this peace sometimes. You see, no great cash flow this month, most business at stand still, my new investments not yet paying out, and all that I am getting are debts and support yet all that surrounds me is peace and sort of calmness. Really, there is so much meaning, mmmmmh, ah I am saying life is a lot more than just money, houses, friends, and even religion, it is you, the complete you.

Be a leader beyond your position, none of us minds about your positions but your care, okay??

The only person that I disregard and dishonor is the one trying to influence me by use of his position only, I hate following such a person and enjoy disobeying his rule every time a chance shows up. You see, there are these people who have nothing to show but their positions only. Eeeeh, you find a woman, her manners are rotten, she talks badly, her face is terrible, her look and eyes saying roughness and quarrel and when she stands up to speak, she vomits, "I am the principal here so you should hear me and do what i say". And in my heart, I am like, "even God showed love before showing his greatness!!!"

Your likely gonna turn your lover into what you forcefullly and wrongfully accuse him daily. Trust is only your chance in your relationship, try it.

When someone continuously accuses you something you do not do, there are greater chances that you will end up doing it. Listen, fear a person who has nothing to protect, no dignity to defend. Yeah, he may be alright, upright and without a crime but if he is continuously framed for doing this and that and no one believes in his innocence, chances are that he will end up doing the offences they accuse him daily. Be careful with accusing people.

An article by Sabiti Bernard attacking Andrew Mwenda's recent writings goes public and receives mixed reactions

Sabiti Bernard is a researcher who recently published a book called, Uglish, a dictionary of Uganda English. Recently, President Barack Obam attacked African leaders who overstay in power in a speech he made while attending African summit in Ethiopia. Following such speech, Mr. Andrew Mwenda, a Ugandan journalist and political analyzer released an article that vehemently attacked Obama's behavior and talk to African leaders. In his article, Mwenda cited so many of America's faults, propagandas and dirty agenda against blacks. Mwenda thus simply said that Obama had no right to advise or point a figure at African dictators and murderers since he was or is no different. Full article down....

MY take on Andrew Mwenda's latest article attacking Obama's speech to Africa.

First, Mwenda's approach has so many biases and brings out nothing as a response to Obama's speech. I used to think that a guy like Mwenda is knowledgable enough to debate an issue by attacking its foundations and defeating the opponent but now my worries are comfirmed, you are simply like everyone else!!. In his Argument, he does nothing like addressing or explaining on the Obama's accusations or speech. While Obama is quite clear on what the problem of Africa is, Mwenda is simply beating around the bush. I think that Mwenda should have come up with a direct answer or address to the concerns raised by Obama. In this case, he would be regarded as a debater who has something else apart from Obama's but now he is off the point.

Andrew Mwenda's latest article attacking Obama's recent speech to African dictators

Africa to Obama: Mind your own business:
Like all imperial powers before it, the US seeks to dominate the world in order to exploit it

United States President Barack Obama is the most admired foreign leader in Africa because he has ancestral roots in our continent.

This is partly the reason his ill-informed and stereotypical admonitions of our leaders attracted cheers from a large section of our elite class.

But it is also because we African elites have internalised the ideology of our conquerors that presents us as inferior, inadequate, and incapable of self-government.

Bob Marley's words that we must liberate ourselves from mental slavery are important here.

In his speech to the African Union in Addis Ababa on Tuesday, Obama acted like a colonial headman lecturing the natives on how to behave as good subjects.

Is there a problem if we got rich while still young?

Last year, in July, i went somewhere to get a job, i was 25 years old. I had written my application, dressed up in my best, and hoped for the best out of the day. I knocked on her door, the principal allowed me into her office. Settled well in her office, I said it all, " i am here for a job". After a review of all my documents, qualifications, and other characters, she had only one comment, "You are still so young, why are you so ambitious??" And before i could reply her, she added, "Do not look for money now, you are still too young. Just keep at where you are now and be better at that. You still have a whole life ahead, you are not late. You will be rich". She promised me a job after more other two years, i am about to go back to her office.

Too good to be mine: The falling of angels and gods

When I fell in love with Winnie, she was too good. She was perfect. She made me feel like a baby because of her too much care. We were both still at school but in those few months that I had started that walk, my life completely changed from the physical makeup to my soul; I was in love with angel. What happened next must happen to you too or it already happened: People, friends, leaders and readers started bringing me gospels, words about her, terrible mistakes that she could have made, and all kinds of evidences that she was not doing good to save me but to destroy me. I cannot say all the words they said, the things they felt could be happening, the reasons they thought she was too good, it was all terrible!!! The truth is that I almost lost the best gift I will ever have. But I was in love and equally too good to just lose out so I held on and believed in the good she was. So what? Here WE are and still enjoying the very good they thought would not last, enjoying the best out tha…

Life is all about risking: Risking well and a lot is the real living.

Whenever, you are to try a new venture, there is this wave of fear that runs through your veins. A lot of questions start popping up, what if it does not work? What if you get sick? What if you are rejected? What if i die? And since no wise man can have answers to such vast questions appearing at once, we decide to settle in our comforts zone and avoid the risks as much as we can.