Is there a problem if we got rich while still young?

Last year, in July, i went somewhere to get a job, i was 25 years old. I had written my application, dressed up in my best, and hoped for the best out of the day. I knocked on her door, the principal allowed me into her office. Settled well in her office, I said it all, " i am here for a job". After a review of all my documents, qualifications, and other characters, she had only one comment, "You are still so young, why are you so ambitious??" And before i could reply her, she added, "Do not look for money now, you are still too young. Just keep at where you are now and be better at that. You still have a whole life ahead, you are not late. You will be rich". She promised me a job after more other two years, i am about to go back to her office.

There is a lot of sense in her counsel, but there is one thing that i want to make clear: No one is too young to get rich. So the other day, i talked to another intellectual about expanding and doing some kind of business and eh guess what! He was like, " Money increases with age. It may not be health or good to get rich while young". And i have been thinking about these concepts and i can't help it but write. Guys, you mean it is wrong to fight for our dreams with vigor when still young? Are you saying that we should relax enough mbu we are still young? Have you not seen people whose money did not come with age? Have you ever imagined getting rich while young? Guys, there is no perfect age for money but actually, money is likely to be sweeter when it comes early.

In the book, Think and grow rich, Napoleon Hill blamed so many people over this concept of starting to get rich when they are old. In his book, he emphasises dreaming big and chasing our dreams while still young so that by the ages of 35-40 years, we are already celebrating on some kind of pleasure. I agree with him. I really do not know why so many people believe in getting rich when old, but i think it is better and even more satisfying to get rich while young and have time for enjoying your riches. I do not think it is bad to start being ambitious when still young. I do not think it is terrible to marry before your old brother marries, to get rich before your old friends get there, it is actually so intriguing and great.
Yeah, there are dangerous ambitions and i also condemn those. There are these evil desired of wanting to own estates out sprinkled blood, instead of working for it. There are these dreams in young people that are hanged on no foundations and can tempt young people into evil, and i also condemn all those. But if a young man is seriously vibrant, working hard, and exploiting things at his exposure for getting rich, is that a sin? I do not think it is a good idea to tell a child who is trying something, " Do not hustle, you are still young, you will do it when you get old" Eeeh, what is that. Let us get rich while still young, that would be so interesting.

Finally, there was and there is some sense in these people's counsel when they discourage us getting rich while young but that is only true if our ambitions, our dreams and desires are not accompanied by well set goals and activities to make those dreams come true and thus likely to achieve them in wrong ways. Other wise the manner of discouraging our children and ourselves from becoming rich while still young is inappropriate and so much degrading, it is not a gospel from God. God wants you yo enjoy your young age and you are probably gonna achieve that enjoyment best if you have got some money, some riches. Get rich while young, that is the true gospel.

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