MY take on Andrew Mwenda's latest article attacking Obama's speech to Africa.

First, Mwenda's approach has so many biases and brings out nothing as a response to Obama's speech. I used to think that a guy like Mwenda is knowledgable enough to debate an issue by attacking its foundations and defeating the opponent but now my worries are comfirmed, you are simply like everyone else!!. In his Argument, he does nothing like addressing or explaining on the Obama's accusations or speech. While Obama is quite clear on what the problem of Africa is, Mwenda is simply beating around the bush. I think that Mwenda should have come up with a direct answer or address to the concerns raised by Obama. In this case, he would be regarded as a debater who has something else apart from Obama's but now he is off the point.
But he is not completely off the point, i am sure he has captivated some small minds on the continent who like shifting blames. By attacking the negative side of the government of USA and giving all those dirty statistics of blacks under turmoil in Obama's administration, Mwenda shifts the focus of almost all people from the main problem which is the overstaying and greedy leaders of Africa to America's problems and its failures. I do not think this is a proper way for a knowledgable and wise person as many of you claim Mwenda to be. His approach of simply jumping onto the failures of a person pinpointing his current problem is an old version of philosophy and for failed people.
As an African citizen, here are some questions to consider to make Obama's speech bring meaning and fruitful argument: 1. Is it true that African leaders are tyrants? 2. Concerning obeying the constitution and term limits, is Obama or USA an example? Apart from helping African citizens, could Obama's speech be carrying more other hidden motives? Or Was His speech directed to someone that has personal quarrels with Obama or it was for the good of whole Africa? Andrew Mwenda should think about such questions before opening his mouth and start abusing USA and Africa's sovereignity.
Yes, there is a lot of truth and facts about the Black man struggle or suffering in USA and other western countries, but should that be our concern in this case if we really want our Africa. Listen, i should have attacked Andrew Mwenda on his latest betrayals of his countrymen by popularizing the legacy of President Museveni and Kagame of Uganda and Rwanda respectively, but i am not like him, i am focussing on what the main issue is. And, Andrew, if you cannot take notice of Obama's concern for Africa simply because he is himself a figure of oppression to blacks, then who do you think will believe in your concern for Africa yet all your activities are guided by an eating stomach, instead of, a thinking mind???
How come people came to call you all that elite? Obama's speech was clear: We are really tired of leaders who want to cling on power for life. I do not think that President Museveni is the only person who can lead us unless he did not train other leaders. Personally, I believe and trust so much in my president but i have never found any justification for his overstay in power. The politics in Rwanda are far worse than ours here, and yet you are a good supporter of such tyranny and terrible governments. How dare your voice represent that of Africa, including mine??
Finally, i think it is not too late to go back to your conscience, Andrew. You can deny everyone but not your conscience. When you are alone and calm, what you feel deep inside for Africa is what is true, be brave and talk about it when a morning comes. Obama and his government may be what you preach or even worse but what was said about us, Africa, is also true. We should at least take a good advice even when it is unconsciously given to us by our enemy, don't you see sense in that too????
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