Value in our services is only vital for moral reasons not for cash flow reasons.

Many entrepreneurs won’t miss telling you that money will come in and business flourish if you keep bringing value to the people via the services you give, but I argue this point is only true if the moral partition of it is brought to focus. You see, there are many businesses out here which are doing more bad than good to the society yet they are flourishing. Actully, it reminds me Andrew Mwenda’s view on corruption. I really agreed with Mwenda that Corruption is wrong and terribly bad only when looked at from the morality angle. In the same, we can only consider giving value to people with our services from the morality point of view but not from the view that it will flourish our businesses and maybe increase cash flow.
Look at casinos, look at betting halls, look at film or movie halls, these places bring little, if any, value to the society yet they are sweating money. Cassinos bring in a lot of money, Betting halls always have clients, and video halls are always full and you again think that bringing value to people is a point. No, but what is value?? Maybe the meaning of value to different people can determine this. Let us simply look at its meaning. VALUE is the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. It is simply someone’s judgment of what is important in life. Are we clear here?
Okay, from the above definition, we are right to say that every activity that is bringing money is probably bringing value to people it serves. In this case, every individual is defining what is important in life. If we agree with this kind of view, then casinos, betting halls, sexual arenas where strippers worker, video halls and other morally dirty places or businesses are bringing value to those people who attend such places and thus are able to flourish and bring in money. This is okay. But I ask, do we all have a common definition of what is important in life? I mean do you see casinos, betting halls, sexual arenas and video halls as equally important as schools, supermarkets, clinics or publishing houses? If your answer is yes, then Value is an important ingredient of a flourishing business and if your answer is NO, then I do not see the importance of considering value in your business if you can maneuver people in any other way.
So what is the point? I mean, what do I believe in? I believe in value as an important part of whatever I do for the society and myself but I do not believe that money or my businesses will flow well if I provide that much value to the public. I have learnt that people tend to ignore what is more important or seems to be very much available. The best way to prove to people that something is important is making it so scarce and hard to reach. Who else has what to say?? I am done.
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Born from Uganda, Nemeyimana Vicent (Nemvicx) has become what people call, "coming from nothing to something". Professionally, he is both a nurse and public health officer and currently works with Mulago National Referral Hospital. In 2016, he wedded his wife and great sweetheart, Amulen Winfred (also a professional Midwife and counsellor). Besides their professions, Nemvicx is an inspirational writer, singer, motivational speaker, author of several digital books. He a theologian and blogger at (The Complete You Ministry).

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