Your likely gonna turn your lover into what you forcefullly and wrongfully accuse him daily. Trust is only your chance in your relationship, try it.

When someone continuously accuses you something you do not do, there are greater chances that you will end up doing it. Listen, fear a person who has nothing to protect, no dignity to defend. Yeah, he may be alright, upright and without a crime but if he is continuously framed for doing this and that and no one believes in his innocence, chances are that he will end up doing the offences they accuse him daily. Be careful with accusing people.
If you have ever analysed families going under turmoil due to unfaithfulness or cheating, there is a chance that these couples are actually not cheating on each other. The woman went to the market, the taxi got caught by jam, the man suspects her to have been with other men. The man receives a wrong call of a woman at night and the woman accuses him of having other mistresses, and as these accusations get stronger, each one is compelled to being the kind of person expected. I am telling you: Do not be surprised that we are the reasons why some people turn out to be bad. We forcefully impose crimes and sins into their lives by our continuous accusations and seeing no more trust or dignity to defend, they decide to do what we expect them to do. So they can be accused for things they have at least done.
That explains why only trust is enough to make your man or woman stay faithful. The more trust you put into her, the more she is urged to defend that trust by being so faithful. The more trust a woman puts in her man, the stronger and faithful her man becomes to defend such trust. Everyone likes that, everyone enjoys being trusted. Many families are simply having hard times not because one of them is cheating or doing something bad. but simply because they do not trust each other. Mind about that: Trust in any relationship is vital.
Yeah, there are few who may go ahead to do good despite the continuous accusations we impose on them, but this is only possible if they have a strong self esteem to serve and also if they believe in serving God and spiritual righteousness. These ones will still have something more to defend even when all of us do not trust them anymore, they will go on. This category is extraordinary and rare and believe me when i say that your man or woman may not be in this category. Even though we can serve God and our self esteem, we can easily give up on that unless some people we love trust us more. You see, Jesus was right when he said that you cannot love God who you do not see yet you have failed to love your brothers and sisters who are close to you physically. This means that when the people we love or care about trust and believe in us, it is more powerful and easily helps us to know that God trusts us too. Thus to being this procedure from the other way round is a rare procedure is not easy for everyone unless spiritually deep rooted.
Finally, examine yourselves Guys. Are you really sure of what you accuse your spouses? or it is simply you do not trust them? What if one day you wake up to the realities of all you have been faking for your loved ones????????Stop accusing people or they become what you compelled them to be??? I am watching.

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