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The black side of democracy: Socrates philosophy

Increased evil, trouble and diseases OR increased awareness of their presence in our days????

How stigmatization may be of use in some situations: Exploring the silver lining.

My living testimony: Losing to gain: That's all about life

Being too positive: Too much of everything is.......

Madman theory here in disguise- NRM and Museveni, i think.

Who is right about Syrian war?? Russia is poking USA.

The right to homosexuality is an illusion: It is a public health threat

Uganda national security: Are we secure really???

Do not expect happiness at the end of the road, find some happiness along the way too. That is true living

Snoring;Sleeping or living with a snorer.

Expectations are our guide into the future: Because things are this way, does not mean they should be that way.

Never throw away your skin cloth at the site of a running antelope, you may lose both ways

Prices and quality, a misleading guide in shopping and business choices

A crime to nature: Why expect Changed results from unchanged strategy??

THE SUREST WAY TO OVERCOME AN ADDICTION: Replace it with another one

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 49 Part 4 (Verses 28-33): No matter what or how self-satisfying we could, we all need God and other people.

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 49 PART 3 (Verses 23-27): Always be slow to get involved when a parent is dealing with his child, you may get hurt. Damascus missed the lesson.

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 49 PART 2 (49:7-22): Is there no more wisdom among people? What happened to the wise men’s counsel of our generations? Has EDOM lost her wisdom?

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 49 (Part 1, verses 1-6): Do you think Israel has no children to inherit the land when parents die???

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