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The black side of democracy: Socrates philosophy

Socrates is one of our three greatest philosophers from Athens, the others being Plato and Aristotle. In his philosophy, Socrates said that the greater happiness of a person or his soul comes when he does the greater good. He, however, added that only few people can take time to do the greater good for a big number of them are just directed by their fresh and self motives while denying the greater thirst of their souls. Thus only a few people in the society can live their lives doing greater good and attain such great happiness. Applying this to politics and leadership, Socrates was not a fun of democracy; democracy is power of the majority, whose majority is not good or has no wisdom. Socrates believed that leadership should be trusted in the hands of the few who are wise enough to make decisions for the society or a country.

Increased evil, trouble and diseases OR increased awareness of their presence in our days????

Do you think our society is more violent than before? Do you think we are sinning more than the people in the past? Don't you think most of the diseases, the community betrayals and conspiracies have been there ever since the creation? There is a theory I came across during the study of non-communicable diseases and violence: they have all been there ever since creation but we are just having increased awareness of their presence in these days. This is partly due to improved diagnosis measures, science and public health. This means that most of the evil we see as new or increasing in our days might have been the past in the same amount or even worst but people were not aware of them.

How stigmatization may be of use in some situations: Exploring the silver lining.

Truly, it is going to look so unusual but stigmatization in some situations may do well than harm. Robert Kagan and Jerome (1993) cited that the segregation of smokers portrayed a great message that, in effect, discouraged people from taking on the habit. It is not a surprise that the public health approach in the 90s included tough restrictions and marking of public smoking as unwanted behavior. What happened? Some fell into more depression of being marked as unwanted and others had to quit.

My living testimony: Losing to gain: That's all about life

Yeah, we have come across such lessons a thousand times but some of us are slaves to doubts and negative attitude so we never develop. From the sermon of giving tithe, investing in business, planting crops or losing some kind of a thing to gain better, people have heard a lot. Yet surprisingly, none of us can easily lose what he has so he can get better. But i think this is okay, God does not expect us to just lose what we have mbu we shall get better things, you may never get even what is less than what you lost. However, when God badly needs you to lose what you have so He can bring you a better thing, He will do it whether you want or not. And since you are fed up with theories and just words, here is my testimony:

Being too positive: Too much of everything is.......

For those who follow my writings, no, i mean those who read my writings (It is possible to read and not follow what i write), i have been a preacher of being positive all my life and that is my stand up to now, but listen; too much of everything is always bad. Actually, in the analysis that i have always made of all the proverbs both in English and my local language, too much of everything is always bad, is one of the few that remain standing having no biased content in it (others can be challenged in some situations or cases but not this one). So you really have to be positive about life, people, situations, and Eh God, but too much of this can destroy you.

Madman theory here in disguise- NRM and Museveni, i think.

Between 1969 and 1974, the then American president, Richard Nixon idealized and employed what we call the MADMAN THEORY. In this theory, Nixon theorized that the communist countries that were spearheading the wars of North Vietnam would resign and seek to sign peace treaties if tickled and told that Richard Nixon was in position to employ any available means to win the war despairs the consequences of such means. This literally meant using nuclear bombs and any other destructive weapon. According to analysts, this theory did not work as expected though it did some great job. If you are conversant with the USA wars in Vietnam, we know that America simply lost because the American citizen did not want Their country to use the resources  in foreign wars.

Who is right about Syrian war?? Russia is poking USA.

The other day, i mean yesterday but one, we all had our eyes on CCN live 70th UN General assembly. In that assembly, main discussions centered around the security in Middle East, Climate change, the migrants crisis in Europe and possibly the economic development of countries. Many countries like Russia, Cuba and USA were present and their leaders made the headlines of the discussion. While so much was talked, of course not the economic struggles in Africa or the continued tyranny and dictatorship in African region or the terror in Somalia, Kenya or Nigeria, the whole Assembly's eyes revolved around the activities of President Obama and that of Russia in Syria, a country that is now a haven for wars and killings.

The right to homosexuality is an illusion: It is a public health threat

The right to free choices or autonomy is important to everyone but cannot be obeyed all the time. I think the person's right should be justified on the basis that it causes no harm to the society or to the person. Since every person has a right to life, then neither someone nor a person himself should take or destroy his life. Now let us look at homosexuality.

Truly, the matters of homosexuality is not a law's business but a business of the heart, but then what if we approach it from public health point of view? As we all know, sometimes public health policies at times are enforced by government action and sanctions imposed on defaulters.  This is still justifiable if the policy is against a threat that has evidenced to be a public risk and the policy is likely to prevent the worst from happening.

Uganda national security: Are we secure really???

If there is anything that the current government has talked of among its achievements, it is National security. And if you visited villages and asked why they vote president Museveni all the time, the first reason is that he brought security and nationally, people are free. But the question has popped up into my mind, are we really secure? According to Mateka Loise (my friend), we can say we are secure if even after Museveni or any other important individual, we still remain secure. But the thing is; have you not heard of these sayings in the village, "If Museveni loses the race, there will be a war. So let us vote him". Is that the peace and security you mean? The one maintained if there is no change or loss of an individual? Let us simply analyze the Uganda national security and see..

Do not expect happiness at the end of the road, find some happiness along the way too. That is true living

You see, we grow with dreams, dreams which we think would make us complete if got fulfilled. When we are young, the only limiting factor seems to age only, otherwise we hope to get whatever we wish to have when we grow up. I have, no I mean i had dreams, and you also had yours. Somebody said dreams do not change, but i think they do.
So most of us when we grow, we join schools, the only line that the society has taught us that we can fulfill our lives through it. We chase education hoping to find jobs (not to do business) and get salary good enough to help us marry the dreamed kind of women, the cars, the houses, the foods and clothes, the care of our families, and rarely the dreams of donating to the poor and helping the church grow. However, even when we finish up our degrees and masters, there comes another challenge of looking for employment. Truly, some of us take decades to get their first job and when they do, they are relieved to think that it is over. Dreams could be getting c…

Snoring;Sleeping or living with a snorer.

So many of us have ever met people who snore while sleeping. It could be your mother, father, spouse, friend or just a neighbor. The challenge is that snoring is a public health issue because it disturbs the individual affected and sometimes his or her neighbors or those who stay with him or her. Frankly speaking, some families or love relationships could even be affected if one of the members snores a lot. But the questions are; is this condition genetically spread or even curable? What is it anyway? How can we help such people? Is snoring harmful to your marriage? How can you deal with a snoring spouse?

Expectations are our guide into the future: Because things are this way, does not mean they should be that way.

You see, there is when we receive shocking news and there is when news seems to be normal. Get me on this, the extent to which news is shocking is not measured or determined by the extent of the damage or repair, but how expectant we were. For example, we no longer feel shocked to hear about homosexuals, we do not dream about a man we saw shoot a bullet into his fellow's chest, we do not get surprised when a lover buys an expensive mansion for his mistress on her birthday. This is all because it is not that new, we expect it, our minds are used to it and so it is 'normal'. However, this does not necessarily mean that there is no damage or great repair. It simply means our conscience is rotten to the level of not sensing danger or our hearts are merry with love to extent of not feeling the burden of an expensive gift.

Never throw away your skin cloth at the site of a running antelope, you may lose both ways

In 2007, I was in senior four and I was studying Mathematics. We had a great mathematics teacher that we had nicknamed, 'SURURU'. One day, we had an exam. There is this one number about vectors, I had done it perfectly well but I missed one step. However, as I looked out into the window towards the end of the paper, I remembered the calculation. Even though I had deliberately maneuvered around to the right answer, I now wanted to systematic and organized since I had remembered it all. What did I do? With all the excitement, I crossed the whole number, picked a new plain paper and for ready to put down my new matter. Unfortunately, no sooner had I started writing down my then advanced and organized answer than the bell went out. I heard the teacher shout, "Pens down, stand up". There we go.

Prices and quality, a misleading guide in shopping and business choices

Last month, we were blessed with an opportunity of attending ISO (International Organization for Standardization) trainings at Mulago National Hospital. It happened one morning and the question was; what tells you that something or a product is of good quality? Believe me; we were all grown up intellectuals, but most our answers centered on the price. In our case, many people believed that the higher the price, the higher the quality. They thus deducted that products of cheap price are likely to be of poor quality. I was shocked! I wondered how such people can survive in our today’s business world of con men and non-genuine transactions! So as a motivational and entrepreneurship speaker, here is my take;

A crime to nature: Why expect Changed results from unchanged strategy??

They say you cannot repeatedly do same things time after time and expect different results, but looks like we never listen; we still enjoy harvesting where we did not plant!! Actually, this is where most folks find their trouble. If there is one thing that our past should teach us, it is to do things we did in the past but with some renovations or changes this time. The use of a bad past experience is not to stop us from trying again; it is for us to try again, but differently.

THE SUREST WAY TO OVERCOME AN ADDICTION: Replace it with another one

According to the website of Psychology today, addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance like alcohol, cocaine, nicotine or engages in an activity like gambling, sex, shopping that can be pleasurable but the continued use/act of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities like work, relationships, or health (Psychology today, 2015). It simply means having no control over what you do, take, or use despite the consequences on your life. While modern pharmacology and psychology has improved the general management of addicts, there is still high recurrence rate among addicts trying to recover. According to Jacque Wilson-CNN (2012), relapse rates for substance abuse range from 60-90% in the first year of sobriety. This is serious.

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 49 Part 4 (Verses 28-33): No matter what or how self-satisfying we could, we all need God and other people.

Kedar was a son of one of Abraham’s son, Ishmael (Genesis 25:13), and the founder of Arabian people (Arabs). The origin of Hazor is not easy to trace. Some writers like Matthew Henry trace the name to that country that lived in the north of Canaan (Palestine). They cite that after several wars of that country with Israelites (Under the leadership of Joshua), part of its people wandered after escape and settled in the deserts of Arabia (East Of Jordan or Judea) (Judges 4:2 and Joshua 11:10). However, so many other commentators tell us not confuse Hazor with the land that was part of Canaan.They say Hazor simply represents a district (or a kingdom) that had so many clans and tribes united under one King, but with each clan having its own leader or Sheik as Jamieson et al calls them. The tribe of Kedar is specifically picked out by God, but the whole message is for all the Kingdoms as revealed in verse 28 of our reading. Whatever the origin is, the message is to the Arabs who lived a nom…

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 49 PART 3 (Verses 23-27): Always be slow to get involved when a parent is dealing with his child, you may get hurt. Damascus missed the lesson.

Damascus, the capital of Syria, was soon to be attacked following its regeneration. According to Bridgeway Bible commentary by Don Fleming, Syria had been destroyed by Assyria in 732 BC (2 Kings 16:2). However, during the times of Prophet Jeremiah’s ministry, that begun in 627 BC, Damascus had rebuilt herself and was a famous city within the Assyrian empire. Prophet Jeremiah received God’s message regarding the destruction of Damascus by Babylonian king even before the fall of Assyria. Interesting, God can see far. So around 612 BC, only 15 years after the commencement of Jeremiah’s ministry, the empire of Assyria was conquered by Babylon. What could follow after the fall of Assyria, it was Damascus. According to commentaries by Jamieson et al, Damascus was destroyed 5 years after the fall of Jerusalem. And since Jerusalem fell around 587 BC (see our studies of chapter 24 and 27), then Damascus fell into the hands of Nebuchadnezzar in 582 BC.

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 49 PART 2 (49:7-22): Is there no more wisdom among people? What happened to the wise men’s counsel of our generations? Has EDOM lost her wisdom?

Edomites were descendants of Esau, Jacob’s elder brother. Remember, Abraham had a son called Isaac, who later had two sons with Rebekah, Jacob and Esau (Gen 25:19-20). Later in life, Isaac was tricked by Jacob and a blessing meant for Esau was given to him (Gen. 27). However, Jacob later made up with God and was even named Israel (Gen 32:22-32). Esau’s family is the origin of Edomites (Genesis 36). The edomites were not so friendly to Israelites but during the times of King Zedekiah of Judah and the advancement of their major enemy, Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar), they collaborated with Judah in matters to defend themselves against Babylon (see; Jerusalem summit in Jeremiahv27:3). However, for some reasons, the unification did not work and Edomites later worked with Nabuchadnezzar II of Babylon to plunder and destroy Jelusalem (Isaiah 34: 8, Obadiah 1). This is the whole reason for their judgment.

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 49 (Part 1, verses 1-6): Do you think Israel has no children to inherit the land when parents die???

Once again, let us remember that Israel as a nation later divided into two kingdoms: The Northern kingdom that retained the name, Israel (ten tribes) and then the southern kingdom called Judah (two tribes). Just as we discussed before, the Northern Kingdom of Israel had been captured and taken captive by Assyria in 722 BC (2 Kings 15:29; 17:6) And the southern Kingdom was later attacked and destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in times of prophet Jeremiah. That said, I want us to realize that Ammonites, like Moabites, were also descendants of lot through his incestuous relations with his young daughter (Gen. 19:20–38) and the enemies of the Jews (better to use ‘mutual antagonists’ of Israel for in some context, they were friends).
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