A crime to nature: Why expect Changed results from unchanged strategy??

They say you cannot repeatedly do same things time after time and expect different results, but looks like we never listen; we still enjoy harvesting where we did not plant!! Actually, this is where most folks find their trouble. If there is one thing that our past should teach us, it is to do things we did in the past but with some renovations or changes this time. The use of a bad past experience is not to stop us from trying again; it is for us to try again, but differently.

In the article, do not waste your life on a rigid plan; we agreed that sometimes plans and goals can change, what we try to maintain is the whole vision or dream. Yeah, in that article we concluded that our evaluation of our past only gives us chances to affirm what worked for us and change or improve what did not work out.
But as I observe this world of ours, I am still poked by people, by myself, by my country whenever we expect better results or changed results yet maintaining our old fashion. If you have failed about three relationships, don’t you think there is need for change somewhere? If you failed a business four times, don’t you think there could be an ingredient missing? If you failed a certain paper or course four times, don’t you think you may need some changes? If the country is falling, don’t you think there needs change somewhere? If something is not working out, then there must be some renovations to be done somewhere, simple.

So many times we sit down and wish for better results yet we are doing nothing to bring out the changes we want. If you asked 100 people to tell you their dreams or what they hope to be in life, almost all of them will score highly with great dreams of, I wanna be the best pastor, I wanna be successful in business, I wanna marry a handsome or beautiful lady, I wanna meet Tom Close or singer, Don Moen someday, but twist the question and ask, eeh people, you are all great. So tell me; how do you plan, I mean, what are your strategies to achieve your dreams? Believe me 99% won’t be having any plan. That is the society we are in. People are doing what we call ‘day dreaming and wishing’.

What is the point today? The point is simple; if you are interested in seeing the changes, do some changes in your work plan. If you are dying to have better results at school or in your relation, then do some changes where needed. You cannot expect miracles to happen out of no work done. If there is a better country that you would want us to be, it won’t just happen, we must make it happen. There is this author who wrote, “If you are not willing to do the extraordinary, you should then settle for the ordinary”. THAT IS IT.

So do you want to see some spark in your relationship? Do some outings, change some behaviors, have open communication with her, pray with her, do the necessary changes. Do you wanna see changes in your school grades? Do some more readings, do some research, join some discussion groups, attend lectures, and eh pray about it, do the necessary changes. Do you wanna see a better Uganda? Okay, do some leadership changes, advocate for the change, improve your personal inputs and those of people closer to you, do some possible changes. Do you wanna see some success in your businesses? Maybe, add more time, maybe change your type of business, maybe learn more about it, maybe join network marketing, hahaha, do the necessary changes.

Yeah, it is one thing to have a great vision or bigger dreams, but it another thing to have a working plan or strategy to achieve your vision: We cannot expect changed and better outcomes out of similar efforts; we must enforce the necessary changes.

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