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For those who follow my writings, no, i mean those who read my writings (It is possible to read and not follow what i write), i have been a preacher of being positive all my life and that is my stand up to now, but listen; too much of everything is always bad. Actually, in the analysis that i have always made of all the proverbs both in English and my local language, too much of everything is always bad, is one of the few that remain standing having no biased content in it (others can be challenged in some situations or cases but not this one). So you really have to be positive about life, people, situations, and Eh God, but too much of this can destroy you.
The fact is that many people's future and blessings have been thwarted more for not being positive than being too much positive so i guess that few people could be at the level of being destroyed by too much positivity, nevertheless it is a wonderful topic to explore today.

First, what does it mean to be positive? It is simply to believe and expect good, if not the best, out of something, people or situations. For example, it is expecting to pass an exam at school, expecting a woman to say yes when you propose, believing that your people will get cured of some sickness, having faith that God will save your brother from drunkard ness and eh expecting your business to do well this year. When we say someone is positive, we are saying he is simply believing and expecting something good or best to happen out of a situation or people no matter the current status quo. So beings negative is simply doing the opposite. When someone is negative, he will expect poison even in a cup brought by his mother or lovely wife (I am talking about lovely wife or mother, not these other open mouthed women with no hearts that we pick on the streets because we are hungry and thirst for sex and money, get me well).

Being too much positive is simply being ignorant of the negative side of the thing or situation you are in. You see, when we decide to be positive about God, it does not mean we are not aware His anger and terrible punishments. We simply chose what to believe about Him. When we are positive about passing an exam, we are not too blind to know that there is failing, we are simply choosing to pass the exam. When we are positive about a woman saying yes to our love, we are simply choosing to have her, to own her thought and be her man but we are not unaware of the possibility that she could throw stones or grasses, as we say in our culture, to us. The person who is too positive is simply to blind to realise that negative side also exists. This person is as dangerous as the negative one. Actually, while the negative one can either lose or remain the way he was before, a too much positive person can end up destroying herself or himself.

How does being too positive destroy us? When we are positive about something, we and all our self are set into a motion, a move to do positive things towards the goal or outcome that we believe in. For example, when we are positive about passing an exam, we are inclined to reading and doing all sorts of things that inevitably make us achieve what we believed in. So it is not just being positive that brings us to the bread, it is our actions and choices we make in our daily life, being positive is, however, the beginning and foundation of these actions and thus more important (I will go deep into this in my coming book, The mountain Moving faith).  The person who is too much positive does no actions and makes no choices to make him or her come to the desired outcome. Being too much positive is waiting for things to happen miraculously, oh no, i mean  mysteriously (Miracles are real and happen always, mysteriously is simply something you do not even know its existence or substance. Miracles can be explained, mysterious things cannot be explained).

This too much positive person never prepares himself for what he wants. For example, if someone is too positive that he will pass exams, he will not read or make any research for he knows and believes he will simply pass the exam. When someone is too positive that a woman will accept him, he does not prepare his words or manners when with her for he knows the woman will simply say Yes and that is all. What happens next? These people are disappointed for nature does not believe or support mysterious happenings, everything must be caused to happen either directly by Nature or through people and situations (we can say through miracles and clear means). And when these people are disappointed, they collapse and die. This is because they only knew one way, only one way that things must happen and that only one way of them to live is now gone, what can they live for? They die of depression, anxiety, confusion and self guilty and pity. It is the worst death.

When we know that the negative side of a matter exists and simply choose to go with the positive side, we cannot be hit hard when the negative still forces itself into our plan or faith, we simply retreat but we live. Yeah, we feel the pain and the temporary depression too but our suffering is none compared to those who are hit by adversity that they never even thought of. That is it

What is the point? Avoid the syndrome of being too positive, work out and make choices that are in line in the positive thing that you believe in. Whatever good that we believe in can only be so if our faith is reflected in our actions. He was not undermining faith when He said, Faith without actions is meaningless, he was serious.

Finally, it is the best thing to believe in positive endings but not too much believing that we end up distorting the art, too much of everything is always bad. In our case, too much of positivity is always worst. Good day. Remember to be positive please in everything.

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