Expectations are our guide into the future: Because things are this way, does not mean they should be that way.

You see, there is when we receive shocking news and there is when news seems to be normal. Get me on this, the extent to which news is shocking is not measured or determined by the extent of the damage or repair, but how expectant we were. For example, we no longer feel shocked to hear about homosexuals, we do not dream about a man we saw shoot a bullet into his fellow's chest, we do not get surprised when a lover buys an expensive mansion for his mistress on her birthday. This is all because it is not that new, we expect it, our minds are used to it and so it is 'normal'. However, this does not necessarily mean that there is no damage or great repair. It simply means our conscience is rotten to the level of not sensing danger or our hearts are merry with love to extent of not feeling the burden of an expensive gift.
What is the point?? To change a society like Uganda, we need to work on our expectations. Many people, i mean almost all of us do not know how things should be. We answer most of our quests with simple words like; that is the way it is. But the question is; should it be this way? When people lose hope, when people lose focus of dreams, when people do not have the ideal of what they should be or have, then they will grab whatever is thrown at their feet and be grateful. This is what we call, 'settling for the few' (mediocre life). So as you ponder on this article, just ask these few questions: I and my people or my country are like this, but is it all that we should be? Can't there be better life or things than we are now? Is this the Uganda we should be having in this century? Is this the kind of life i should be living up to date? Can't there be a better way??
Yeah, your expectations will guide you into the future. So how can we improve our expectations?? In the article, earning more of God's favor, we discovered that we cannot expect what we do not know about. In that article, we concluded that our expectations of what God can for us (faith) can only increase by our increased knowledge of Him (his power, his love, his grace, and omnipotence). The same applies here, we can only be able to expect what we know exists and since some of us at least do not even believe in the bible or prophets, i will point out the easiest channel to your expectations (or to the knowledge of what we exactly need as individuals, families or nation): Your deep heart's desires, call it conscience.

I am aware the two words are different, but they have a great similarity; they are a means of God communicating to us. Consult your inner person, listen to what exactly your heart wants, ponder on what can satisfy your life in all of its aspects, and when you discover the secret, then expect it and ask for it every day. You will surely get it someday. So do not be convinced that our country should be what it is now simply because it is what is in the news. Do not be convinced that people are animals simply because we are killing and betraying each other every day. Our conscience was pushed away and thus we have no clear expectations and thus whatever comes our way fits into our emptiness. The world should be much better than it is today, listen to your heart and you will confirm it.
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