Madman theory here in disguise- NRM and Museveni, i think.

Between 1969 and 1974, the then American president, Richard Nixon idealized and employed what we call the MADMAN THEORY. In this theory, Nixon theorized that the communist countries that were spearheading the wars of North Vietnam would resign and seek to sign peace treaties if tickled and told that Richard Nixon was in position to employ any available means to win the war despairs the consequences of such means. This literally meant using nuclear bombs and any other destructive weapon. According to analysts, this theory did not work as expected though it did some great job. If you are conversant with the USA wars in Vietnam, we know that America simply lost because the American citizen did not want Their country to use the resources  in foreign wars.
In one of the accounts, Nixon told his chiefs that a word of terror will be shipped into the ears of USSR and China, the two most stubborn countries at the time. The word of terror would be to make the leaders of these countries look at Nixon as a man who had lost his wires and was desperately looking for any means to stop and win the war, the available means included using the nuclear weapons. However, some accounts reveal that USSR and China were willing do do even worse than that. Anyway, what is the point???

NRM and MR. Museveni could be employing the same theory either consciously or unconsciously. The continuous arrests, torture, and threats to any body trying to oppose could be a sign that the government is ready to employ any available means to stop the opposition. Let us examine the current incident where roadblocks were employed causing accidents, the torture and arrest of people (women while naked, children and youth, and presidents of parties like FDC in such unspeakable manners), the opposition people rotting in prisons (where is Mugumya?) and the over expenditure of government money on NRM and Museveni's personal programs. All this is an indication that the country is using madman theory. I do not know if Museveni is aware of it, but i am seeing it.

And now i am sure the opposition is scared, at least some if not all of them. Also, people are likely gonna vote NRM simply because they think everything is gonna be done to hold onto power, including induction of war. Also, employed people like the police, Army, and other important posts cannot talk, they know they can lose their jobs if anything is heard. How about the security of people? I have been reading So many speculations here that NRM and Mr. Museveni are behind the deaths of these prominent people we have been hearing about. These speculations could be wrong, actually they are for they have no evidences, but trust me they are enough to convince people that NRM is ready to even kill people if they oppose.

What is the way forward? Here are two things that are gonna possibly happen. The public and the opposition should be willing to do even more than NRM and Museveni. In this way, they won't be scared of death, torture, imprisonment and loss of Jobs. This is hard, especially to Ugandans. No one can surrender his job though some can surrender their  lives ( lives they think are worthless without jobs and money). Two, the public and opposition must give up, show cooperation and calmly discuss their problems and beg for answers and help from the ruling party. This is the hardest. Ugandans with their pride cannot beg for long.

Conclusion: Madman theory in Uganda is currently working but it won't be for long: When the people are fed up, when there is nothing more to lose, when the need for freedom becomes inevitable,  people and opposition will be willing to pay the cost and even more. Until that time comes, let us settle. Madman theory is the way to go, cowards cannot overcome such threats. Why do you think Bukenya returned to his vomitus??? Are you watching the movie or not???? I am not a political analyst, i am a public health officer, i am a nurse and a distributor at alliance in motion Global. Power... Free writing, no rules.


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