My living testimony: Losing to gain: That's all about life

Yeah, we have come across such lessons a thousand times but some of us are slaves to doubts and negative attitude so we never develop. From the sermon of giving tithe, investing in business, planting crops or losing some kind of a thing to gain better, people have heard a lot. Yet surprisingly, none of us can easily lose what he has so he can get better. But i think this is okay, God does not expect us to just lose what we have mbu we shall get better things, you may never get even what is less than what you lost. However, when God badly needs you to lose what you have so He can bring you a better thing, He will do it whether you want or not. And since you are fed up with theories and just words, here is my testimony:1. In the year, 2008, i was denied vacancy in Kisoro Primary teachers college when i had all the requirements. On my way home with the disappointment, i received a call from my pastor. God had provided a better way and i would join high School. And in the same year, i joined Mutolere High School, something that is better than becoming a primary teacher.

2. In the year 2009, at the end of high school, a certain lady showed me some signs that she was falling for me. I accepted and we carried on and few months later, she had dropped me and got married. We had never shared even one single outing or lovely talk for we never met, we had different schools. And in the year 2013, i was blessed with a more beautiful, patient, and grown up lady, who has always and will forever be my sweetheart, you all know her by now.

3. In the year 2014, around May and April, my lady was denied job in all the clinics and hospitals she tried. This was so despite her being the best performer in her academics in the whole country and her attitude very fine. Amidst such disappointment and tears, she was miraculously chosen and offered a job in Mulago National Referral Hospital.

4. In the same year, around August, September, October and November, the Uganda Ministry of Health that had employed us in Mulago Hospital denied and refused to pay us any salary for all the months. Amidst that disappointment, hunger and misery, we were blessed with new better contracts with Mulago Hospital, Got close to Administration than before, a blessing that later pushed me and my sweetheart to go for further studies and get permanent job with the government respectively.

5. In the year, 2015, August, i was denied loan from the bank after i was done with all paper work. The bank called and said my application was denied on reasons that were not clear. Amidst the tears and disappointment and the fear of losing the business opportunity that i was hoping to join, Someone else volunteered in the same month and cleared my business capital and now i am happily doing business.

6. And in the same month of August, 31st, 2015, my great laptop (Lenovo) was stolen from me on a taxi from Ndejje University to Kampala. And in the ...........i was blessed with..........
Listen, i am soon filling in the Space left and i believe God is gonna do for me something much better than the stolen laptop.

Truly, i have so many testimonies but I have picked out those few ones. Whenever God allows us to lose something good, He is simply creating a space for something much better, Trust Him on that. God bless you.


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Born from Uganda, Nemeyimana Vicent (Nemvicx) has become what people call, "coming from nothing to something". Professionally, he is both a nurse and public health officer and currently works with Mulago National Referral Hospital. In 2016, he wedded his wife and great sweetheart, Amulen Winfred (also a professional Midwife and counsellor). Besides their professions, Nemvicx is an inspirational writer, singer, motivational speaker, author of several digital books. He a theologian and blogger at (The Complete You Ministry).

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