The right to homosexuality is an illusion: It is a public health threat

The right to free choices or autonomy is important to everyone but cannot be obeyed all the time. I think the person's right should be justified on the basis that it causes no harm to the society or to the person. Since every person has a right to life, then neither someone nor a person himself should take or destroy his life. Now let us look at homosexuality.

Truly, the matters of homosexuality is not a law's business but a business of the heart, but then what if we approach it from public health point of view? As we all know, sometimes public health policies at times are enforced by government action and sanctions imposed on defaulters.  This is still justifiable if the policy is against a threat that has evidenced to be a public risk and the policy is likely to prevent the worst from happening.
For homosexuals, much research has shown that they are prone to infections  like HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases more than others. Also, these guys have proved to be a threat to children who grow up in their families. Their relationships are usually not long lasting and they are rarely faithful to their partners. All these constraints end up affecting people's economy, the country's expenditure on infectious diseases and cultural and social life of others and themselves. Even though so many studies have also argued that the above disadvantages are not true, at least nothing new has been pointed out as a good advantage of being a homosexual. In other words, the bad effects outweigh the good effects.

According to Jennings (2002),  a person's right can be overridden if it is seen as being harmful to the person or the neighbors. Also, if the person's autonomy would bring more harm than good, then it can be ignored for a moment or forever. From that perspective, i do not think homosexuals deserve a right to go on with their choice. I am aware of the right to practice sexual orientation, but that is valid if no one is hurt in the process. But is it true no one is hurt in homosexuality? If not the people doing it, we suffer their actions by spending a lot on their destructions, money that should have taken care of something else.

Understanding homosexuality
This is a sexual orientation whereby people have devoted relationships and love feelings towards fellow same sex persons. While some studies have revealed that it is a genetically determined, so many others say that it is Learnt and adopted. Also, some people have come to see homosexuals as insane people, so many studies have opposed this. Whatever the truth is, we cannot tell now.

Way forward
I read someone's comment saying that even though we are born with the nature of sinning, we cannot be let free because it is part of our being. Whether homosexuality is genetically determined or not, whether its practitioners are insane or sober, we cannot encourage it in any way. What is clear is that it is harmful to both the homosexual and public and us all. Do not say that there is so much that is harmful in the same way, we are on homosexuality now. However, the general harsh way of torturing, arresting and imprisonment may not be the first approach.

I am blessed that i have studied the Nuffield ladder of intervention, 2007. According to this ladder, we first do nothing and let people make their choices. If they still make wrong or harmful choices, we provide them with information regarding what they are deciding to do. If they still cannot change, we enable choices by providing limited options. If still they choose the wrong side, we change the default policy so as to attack them smoothly. If this cannot work, we guide choice through incentives, and then through disincentives, and then limiting choices and finally eliminating choices. I am not sure where we have reached with homosexuals. But if the rest have continuously failed, then i think we need to move up the ladder, maybe that is where we are or we have jumped some options!!

Conclusion: There is no such right as right to homosexuality. Also, open torture and imprisonment of homosexuals may not be the option for now. However, homosexuals are not welcome in any society, it is a vice that deserves some kind of cure. I am not sure of the cure, think about it. The next day, we shall discuss the value of stigmatization in combating some vices like smoking and homosexuality. Maybe we could use it too, i am not sure.

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