Who is right about Syrian war?? Russia is poking USA.

The other day, i mean yesterday but one, we all had our eyes on CCN live 70th UN General assembly. In that assembly, main discussions centered around the security in Middle East, Climate change, the migrants crisis in Europe and possibly the economic development of countries. Many countries like Russia, Cuba and USA were present and their leaders made the headlines of the discussion. While so much was talked, of course not the economic struggles in Africa or the continued tyranny and dictatorship in African region or the terror in Somalia, Kenya or Nigeria, the whole Assembly's eyes revolved around the activities of President Obama and that of Russia in Syria, a country that is now a haven for wars and killings.
The current leader of Syria is Assad, and is seen by USA and some other countries and a dictator who has murdered thousands of his countrymen who try the opposition angle. Also, Syria is a Haven for ISIS Moslem militants who have massacred and abused thousands of people in Arab countries including women and children. The mixture of all this in Syria makes the country the deadliest nowadays. For those who have followed the migrants crisis, Syrian wars accounts for a good number of refugees suffering around the world, oh no, around European countries. So what is the point? I am worried by how two great world countries are looking at Syria.

Barack Obama, in his address to UN said that Assad is a tyrant who is a murderer. He deserves to be overthrown and never to lead that country. On the contrary, Viadimir  Putin of Russia said that Syrian government deserves support so they can calm down ISIS militants. This is a great problem, the two leaders believe that ISIS should be fought against but differ when it comes to how. According to Putin, the removal of strong men from their seats in Arab countries leaves a vacuum that terrorists use to cause insecurities. He cites the insecurities in Iraq and Libya and relates it to the overthrow of those countries great leaders Saddam Hussein and Khadafi respectively. This is a big point. On this,  Putin insists that Obama's method is weak and has no results and thus he assures the world that he will give all his support to Assad, which a controversial to USA point.

Actually, according to international security laws, a country can start its military support in another country only if mandated by UN or is officially called on for help by that other country. Russia has an official invitation from Syrian government and Obama has neither the UN mandate nor Syria's invitation, another loophole. According to CNN, USA operations in Syria still are to go on, but how is this going to be well when their great opposser, Russia is already on ground. Today's surprise is that Russia has launched its first airstrike in Syria on opposition militants. While Russia had argued that all it  is doing is to calm down and harness ISIS, it is said that the airstrike today was in a spot where ISIS does not operate from, this is a great concern. So who is Russia trying to kill or defend????

According to some analysts, Russia is targeting every opposition militants in Syria and if this is true, does not it give Obama more justification for the removal of Assad. General assault on the country's opposition is not ethically right and is not accepted in UN peace options. So why is Russia interested in supporting Assad, a killer and a tyrant??? And also since it is clear most of the countries whose leaders were removed by USA are now peaceless, why don't they find other means other than seeing Assad out?? It is all confusing. One of the speakers in the UN assembly said that what is happening in Middle east is third world war and i think he may be right. Russia and USA are now the triggers of it, watch out.

What is my view???
Obama is right from the ethical and moral point of view. While his option has low evidence of successes in other applications, his theoretical reasons for seeing ASSAD out are seen and justifiable. However, Syria has won him politically and obtaining the right documents and using the weakness of USA in Libya and Iraq politics as a weapon to get some support for their option of supporting ASSAD. I like Obama option but we won't have it unless we have support and evidence. Also i want us to know that both these two nations have their own interests and hidden agendas for whatever options they are taking. But eh i am interested in seeing the war end and since Russia has a more solid option, then my objection is still minimum. Let us wait and see, sometimes this is all we have to do.


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