Happy New Year 2015: The Message.

There are a lot of programs that you must have pushed aside because when you first thought about them, they seemed uneasy and likely to take a whole year to be realized. Naye, what is surprising is that the year is already over and we are in a new one and you must be regretting.

In the movie, IRIS, Baek San told his son that no matter how soon you regret it will always be too late. And yes, you don't have to regret. Just sit down and make New Year’s plans or what you intend to achieve. You see, the good thing with having aims is that you learn to concentrate your time, energy and resources on a defined goal. And even when you meet obstructions and challenges, you are able to resist and maintain your track since you will be having a defined destination. Also, when you have aims or a plan of what you want, you indeed achieve something. At times, we achieve more than we planned for and other times we achieve less but we achieve something.

After putting up your aims or goals, remember to make a strategic plan of how to achieve those things. Most of us make a mistake of designing what we want but make no plan of how to get it. According to the book, Think and grow rich, Napoleon hill shared a wonderful observation where he said that if you ask 100 people the kind of life they want, almost all of them will say a life of peace and prosperity. But when you ask them the plan of how they going to have what they want, almost all of them will be having no such plans. And you wonder what makes us fail!

After making your plan, then implement it. Yes, some things will need you to be patient before you can work on them. However, for those who read my articles, we agreed that patience simply means waiting while doing something else. Yeah, make sure that every day you have done something small concerning your whole plan and at the end of 2015 you could be smiling like i am doing.

Lastly, do evaluation and repeat the plan where necessary. For example, there are things I have failed to achieve in 2014 and I will push the same plan into 2015. At times, you may need to change your methods or plan or even change what you want or your goals. All of this needs a quite mind and wise directions which you can have via good friends, the bible and other good motivating books and at www.nemvicx.com and enjoy. Remember never to give up or lose yourself in. If a thing fails, try it again or try something else but don't give up. When you give up you stop living.


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