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We can dodge a responsibility, but NOT its consequences

We can dodge the responsibility but we won't escape the results or consequences. Just like me, you must have shifted the blames so many times to others, either to your spouse, your class mate, your friend, fellow business man or leaders, but the fact is the responsibility lies on your shoulders too, and believe when consequences come up, you will be the first to drink on that cup. What am i saying? The success of everything counts on you and you alone. This is because even there is need for others to be part of the move, you must influence or convince them and in the right way.

Love never ends: Even when our expressions get spolit, we still care inside

Have you ever wondered why the tongue that said to you, 'i love you dear' shamelessly utters ' i do not care' some other day? Was St. Paul wrong when he wrote 'Love never ends'? Of course he was not. If love is capable of ending, it simply means it never existed"-Nemvicx. Those are the words in the song, Jesus, teach me love. What is my point today? Never give up on your love, on someone dear to you because of a day's insult, a month of cut-off communication, a week of resentful acts, or a sad face after a crazy party because these are the faults in our expressions of love, but not the sign of affected roots of love. I have seen it and have lived it too, love never ends. By the way, did you know that love is natural? Did you know that we are born or created with it? Yeah, we do not have to create love, we just maintain or help it grow through our actions.

Creating heaven in this crazy world. Is it easy for you to find warmth in coldness?

Creating heaven in this crazy world. Is it easy for you to find warmth in coldness? To see opportunities where others see failures? Can you see something different in a situation others are only seeing troubles? Someone wrote 'there is no such thing as bad weather, what matters is our clothing'. In other words, when it is cold we can put on a sweater and remove the sweater when it is hot. Everything, every person, every business, even situation is an opportunity for opportunities lie in the eyes of the beholder.

GRACE & MERCY: Differences and how they make God.

Grace is when you get good things done for you when you do not deserve them while Mercy is actually not getting the bad things that you really deserve. So mercy, while it spares you and gives the chance of being better, grace makes you better by providing you with something good. Usually, most of us can practice mercy but few can practice grace. But God has these two virtues: Giving mercy (by not punishing us for the wrongs that we do) and also gives us our daily bread for our life yet we do not deserve it. But why??? The answer is simple: It is his nature.