Creating heaven in this crazy world. Is it easy for you to find warmth in coldness?

Creating heaven in this crazy world. Is it easy for you to find warmth in coldness? To see opportunities where others see failures? Can you see something different in a situation others are only seeing troubles? Someone wrote 'there is no such thing as bad weather, what matters is our clothing'. In other words, when it is cold we can put on a sweater and remove the sweater when it is hot. Everything, every person, every business, even situation is an opportunity for opportunities lie in the eyes of the beholder.

What is my point? My today's point is that we can mine gold from every situation if we only knew what the situation is and what exactly fits it. There are many opportunities you have been introduced to, but you never saw your opportunity there yet so many others were succeeding. What we have to work on is our perception and our attitudes. Even a slap, an abuse, an insult, failure or loss of anything can bring us more success if we changed our attitudes and look at such situations or people with a positive attitude and an open mind that asks, 'this is the situation, this is the person, what can i do with it for my good?' And fortunately, an answer exists.
I think that is what God meant when he said, 'EVERYTHING HAPPENS TO BRING GOOD TO THOSE WHO LOVE HIM' (Romans 8:28). So brothers and sisters, do not feel desperate about the situations you are in, the new environment or working situation you have been changed to, the business opportunity you have been introduced to, just rethink about it and find the right things to get out of your situations. For example, it may be your good chance to start further studies if you have transferred to town or time to relax and write your new book if you have been taken to village. Think about the best thing that fits your situation, you will love that you met what you meet.
Good night.


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