New Year 2016 Message: Creating heaven in this crazy world. Is it easy for you to find warmth in coldness?

In our 2014 New Year's message, we emphasized allowing God to show us life, hope, and happiness where there was no indication or sign of such. It was a powerful mountain moving message that saw us see God's hand in all that year. In 2015 New Years message, we emphasized that if we are to really have some results concerning our New Year's resolutions, we need to have an action plan. Yes, in that message we employed what we called the success process to help materialize all our new year's wishes! It was an amazing article. 

And in this new year of 2016, we are wondering; how can we see opportunities and success in places others don't see such? Can we have God's eye to celebrate His goodness even amidst troubles? 

Is it easy for you to find warmth in coldness, to see opportunities where others see failures? I mean, can you see something different in a situation others are only seeing troubles?

Someone wrote 'there is no such thing as bad weather, what matters is our clothing'. In other words, when it is cold we can put on a sweater and remove the sweater when it is hot. Everything, every person, every business, every situation is an opportunity for opportunities lie in the eyes of the beholder.

Does that sink in? Not the easy way! 

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In the gospel as had been prophesied by Isaiah (chapter 9:6-7), we present Jesus to you as the prince of peace and true and wonderful counselor who makes our lives new and great. During one of our Bible studies, the question was; do we really get peace and great lives when we find Jesus in this crazy world? Surprisingly, the answer is a big YES!

Jesus says; Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid (John 14:27). 

In other words, Jesus gives us Peace in a way the world does not give it. It does not necessarily mean lack of wars, troubles and temptations, famine and violence, and all sorts of evil this world, but it means that once Jesus settles in our lives, He gives us the surpassing hope and changed taste buds that see His goodness and divine protections and provisions that outweigh all the troubles in the world (see Romans 8:18).

That is what meeting God does in us. We become changed people, our eyes (both physical and of the heart or soul) are opened and we start seeing goodness of God even amidst challenges. Jesus gives us peace, surpassing peace when He reconciles us with the father, with our neighbors, and with ourselves. And this is the best peace; peace with God, others, and yourself. Moving in peace and freedom even when surrounded by wars!

Did you read the story of Elisha and the Blinded Arameans? See it in 2 Kings 6:8-23. In that story, the servant of Elisha sees an army with horses and chariots surrounding him and his master, death was on their door! (verse 15). But Elisha was seeing something else; the army that fights for us is much larger than the one against us! (verse 16). Oh dear, can we be able to see God's goodness even amidst troubles and tribulations? Can we be able to see God's grace and favors in new year of 2016 even when no one else confesses the same? 

What is my point? (Spiritual and related applications) 

My today's point is that God has good plans for you, for us all. And this shall not depend on how the world grades success and new heights but about us and our God. Even in troubles and tribulations, sicknesses and lack, wars and violence, God is prepared to move you, and us all to new heights and levels of delight, joy, and satisfaction in life. May God grant us this favor, open our spiritual eyes, and even our physical eyes so we can see his goodness and love and care in whatever situation of our lives. 

I am also saying that we can mine gold from every situation if we only knew what the situation is and what exactly fits it. And none can give us such discernment and eyes but God. God is willing to make us better in this new year and it's our prayer that we see that. 

Also, there are many opportunities you have been introduced to, but you never saw your opportunity there yet so many others were succeeding. What we have to work on (not us, but God in us) are our perception, attitudes, and sight. Even a slap, an abuse, an insult, failure or loss of anything can bring us more success if we changed our attitudes and look at such situations or people with a positive attitude and an open mind that ask; this is the situation, this is the person, what can i do with it for my good for the glory of God? 

And fortunately, an answer exists.
I think that is what God meant when he said, 'EVERYTHING HAPPENS TOBRING GOOD TO THOSE WHO LOVE HIM' (Romans 8:28). Read that too.

So brothers and sisters, do not feel desperate about the situations you are in, the new environment or working situation you have been changed to, the business opportunity you have been introduced to; just rethink about it and find the right things to get out of your situations.

For example, it may be your good chance to start further studies if you have been transferred to town or time to relax and write your new book if you have been taken to village. Think about the best thing that fits your situation, you will love that you met what you meet. May God guide you in all of this in this new year of 2016.
God Bless You and Happy New Year 

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