Love never ends: Even when our expressions get spolit, we still care inside

Have you ever wondered why the tongue that said to you, 'i love you dear' shamelessly utters ' i do not care' some other day? Was St. Paul wrong when he wrote 'Love never ends'? Of course he was not. If love is capable of ending, it simply means it never existed"-Nemvicx. Those are the words in the song, Jesus, teach me love.
What is my point today? Never give up on your love, on someone dear to you because of a day's insult, a month of cut-off communication, a week of resentful acts, or a sad face after a crazy party because these are the faults in our expressions of love, but not the sign of affected roots of love. I have seen it and have lived it too, love never ends. By the way, did you know that love is natural? Did you know that we are born or created with it? Yeah, we do not have to create love, we just maintain or help it grow through our actions.
As we grow, we are taught by the society, the people around us, the religions we attend to and the books we read all the ways and means of expressing what we feel inside to the people we love. So we learn to buy gifts and roses, to smile and chat romantically, to write and send lovely letters, to walk the natural woods or visit a movie theater as to enhance how we feel about each other, but do not be confused; this is not the beginning of love, it is the maintenance and expression of what we naturally had or have. When we quarrel, when the gifts no longer come, when we no longer hold hands, smile or even kiss, it is not an indication of love death; it is a sign of failed expression of love. It is not the change in our expressions that can dictate the death of love, it is the death of our soul and spirit that can ultimately destroy love otherwise we still love as long as we live.
Understanding the above gives us courage to wait on our nagging lovers till they settle down, wait on the drunkard husband till he is sober, wait on the cheating man till he settles, wait on the separated couples till they re-unite. We have always done those things and we have seen them being done. The reason is because while different challenges affect the expression of love between couples or lovers, their naturally connected souls remain intact. It is actually possible for a man to divorce a woman, marry another one but his true real love remain for the one he divorced long time ago. So hold on, pause a bit, wait a moment, that lady's behavior last night, that man's fake smile last evening or his drunkenness may just be a bleach in the expressions and gestures of love but you are still the one, wait a little, he or she is coming.
Finally, we all should know that while love is natural in us, its fruits or expressions is what we all enjoy and feed on. A long time of failed expressions or gestures of love will ultimately lead to divorce or separation. The good news in this is that, such long term failures of expressing rightfully our love usually means we did not love each other in the first place thus divorce or separation becomes inevitable. And mind you, never hold on to a wrong relationship, you deserve more than that. Have a good and great day.


  1. wow,this message couldn't be more correctly expressed. Thank you so much for the insight.true love is unconditional even without sweet gestures it holds on,waits,understands while loving and still caring.what's interesting is sometimes you don't even understand them or agree over the same issue but you trust and love them all the is magical.


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