We can dodge a responsibility, but NOT its consequences

We can dodge the responsibility but we won't escape the results or consequences. Just like me, you must have shifted the blames so many times to others, either to your spouse, your class mate, your friend, fellow business man or leaders, but the fact is the responsibility lies on your shoulders too, and believe when consequences come up, you will be the first to drink on that cup. What am i saying? The success of everything counts on you and you alone. This is because even there is need for others to be part of the move, you must influence or convince them and in the right way.
What is the point today? The point you may be sad someday, you may be unhappy today, your AIM Global business may not be doing well now, you could be having a broken or failing relationship, but the fact is you are the only person who can effect healing of whatever is sick. Let stop pointing fingers like Adam and Eve did thousands of years ago when God asked them about the sin (Genesis 3) but let us face our challenges with responsibility and find a way through. NOTE: To be responsible is not to condemn yourself feeling guilty about whatever wrong or sadness is happening, it is to take a lead in finding answers to make life better and better. Sometimes, you are entirely not the causer of the trouble but the fact that you are suffering the consequences too calls you for action, be responsible.
Remember, the first step of improving our situations is realizing and accepting that there is that NEED. Good Sunday.


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