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Christian Prosperity: Should A Christian Expect Material And Physical Help From The God He Serves?

3 Categories of people who follow sheepshly. Have no designed plan, follow the wind

Be the kind of partner you seek:

The greatest Revenge: To be happy

The people suffering under the collapsed law and judiciary in Uganda are these;


Today’s inspirational insight: We are asked to practice love and not unselfishness.

WOMEN'S DAY Inspiration/motivation: As you make your bread, you should eat it

TODAY'S INSPIRATION: Get away from Sanballats and Tobiahs or get rid of them, Nehemiah did.

Today’s motivation/inspiration: Covering the fellow’s nakedness

The success of any business: Profits (I.e Output>Input)- The power of negotiation/bargaining

True wisdom lies in knowing that you know nothing-socrates

TOday's Motivation: We are meant to be there for one another, nature's rule.

Pause: We could be sinning a lot by ‘NOT DOING’ than ‘DOING’

MY TAKE ON PRISON BREAK: Analyze with me

Never throw away your skin cloth at the site of a running antelope, you may lose twice

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 49 Part 5 (verses 34-39): The hunter can be hunted.

So Why Does A Good God Allow Evil To Happen?

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