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Christian Prosperity: Should A Christian Expect Material And Physical Help From The God He Serves?

I came across a painful post in the past few days, a post that has incited me to come up with this article. In that post, a woman poured her pain, how life had forever been hard and harsh for her yet the people she was praying for were being blessed with jobs, enough food, and money. 

In her writings, she expressed that it was not a matter of being greedy for so much, but really wondered why God would not help her at least with money for rent, some food, job and some basics. She asked us to advise her on what to do.

And believe me none (among the few comments that I read) of them told her that she indeed deserved something better, at least nothing materialistic that she deserved. 

According to many preachers on that post, we are in trouble the day we serve God expecting some kind of materialistic or physical help and gain from Him. 

When I read through all those comments, I did something different. I said, “Yes, we are not promised to get rich when we serve Him but neither does God say th…

3 Categories of people who follow sheepshly. Have no designed plan, follow the wind

The following people will follow your lead, die for your cause whether they know it or not, just present the best bait
1. The bodaboda guys. These guys are the most used people in the town. I do not think many boda boda guys can wake up with personal plans of how the day should be handled. They can follow whoever calls for them, is a politician campaigning in town? They join. Is a gang doing mob justice? They join. Has Chameleon come to launch? They will sing. These guys, when placed with the right bait, will follow your lead and die for it, they do not have power to decide which struggle to join or leave. Is it to kill? They are in, Is it to demonstrate? They will lead even when they do not know the mission. Is it to liberate a nation or a killer in prison? They are in. Boda bodas have free choices and their usual choice is to follow the noise of the city, the hotter regions of the day.

Be the kind of partner you seek:

I talked to a woman last week and jokingly asked why she was not in a relationship and her answer is not unusual, 'i would fall for one, yes, but i have not yet met the right one'. That is what all of us say, the right one for me. But today, i am asking, have we ever considered being the right ones first? In other words, are you a right woman before you think of meeting a right man? Are you a right man before meeting a right woman? Are a good citizen before expecting your leader to be good? And do you think you are a good leader before you question the integrity of your followers?

The greatest Revenge: To be happy

The best and greater revenge you can ever do to those who hurt you, those who hate you or fight you is to be happy And let them know you are happily moving on, there is nothing that makes your enemies crazier like knowing that you are happy. Actually, even people who are not directly your enemies, people who work or walk with you, your friends, most of them like you simply because you are somehow not better than then. Start to develop, be happy, live life and show them that you are moving ahead, they will dislike you. Generally, people are that jealous.

The people suffering under the collapsed law and judiciary in Uganda are these;

1. The tenants: Many people renting are mistreated by their landlords. They are charged any money, given no extension period for those wanting to shift, living in unpainted or renovated rooms and so on. Other injustices concern water and electricity, some pay fixed electricity charges like 25000 yet are using even less than 1000, some are being sold water at 300-500 per jerrycan. All these are injustices.


I have been reading about the protests in South Africa, Ethiopia, Libya, here in Uganda and other African countries, believe me when i say, 85% or even more of African demonstrations and protests are not peaceful (let me be direct, they are violent) always involving looting, beating defenseless and innocent peace, abusive, and provoking. Also, i have been looking into the data reflecting the disciplined army in Africa. Even though countries like Kenya top the list of such disciplined force, Uganda army is also among the fairly disciplined army. Going deep into their indiscipline, of course many of them misbehave when it comes to money. The recent reports showed that Ugandan commanders sold some bullets and guns while in Somalia (source: untrusted). Considering these sins, they are more of economical but not killings, rape or torturing citizens, making a point of some discipline.

Today’s inspirational insight: We are asked to practice love and not unselfishness.

In public/motivational speaking lessons, we are encouraged to always be less negative while portraying negative messages or information. This does not reduce the negativity or the exact meaning of the information, but alters the perception of the message to the audience (I mean, audience may not severely get the deeper negativity in the speech). This is so helpful. Well, let me explain; For example, if you are asked to talk about someone or something that is bad, it is better to say, “it is not good” rather than saying, ‘it is bad’. ‘It is bad’ and ‘it is not good’ sound differently, but carry the same meaning. Remember, audience will finally act on the information depending on their perception and believe me, people exposed differently to the above two sentences will automatically have different perceptions.

WOMEN'S DAY Inspiration/motivation: As you make your bread, you should eat it

Zig Ziglar is one of the great motivational writers of our days and the above words are from him. But besides him, there are other common words that have the same preaching, “As you make your bed, you must lie on it”-English proverb. There are thousands of lessons to draw from the above inscriptions, but we will go with the more positive one: Find time and place to enjoy the life that you work for.

TODAY'S INSPIRATION: Get away from Sanballats and Tobiahs or get rid of them, Nehemiah did.

Hello friends, hope all is well. For those who read my writings especially those covering the history of Judah and Jews in times of prophet Jeremiah, then we all know that these guys were destroyed, their city (Jerusalem) burnt down, and many taken as captives to Babylon. However, times, I mean good times, came and they had to return home (the destroyed home). You can read stories of their returning in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. When they reached home, their first objective was to rebuild the city, its walls and rebuild themselves. But what happened?

Today’s motivation/inspiration: Covering the fellow’s nakedness

Our inspiration is from the story about 4 men; Noah and his 3 sons (Ham, Shem, and Japheth). This story is recorded in the book of Genesis 9:20-28. One day, after Noah had served himself a lot of wine from his rich vineyards, he was drunk and laid in his house with little, if not nothing, on his body (nakedness). As we all now know (for those who read my writings), drinking or taking alcohol may not necessarily be a sin, but getting drunk to the point of not minding about your nakedness is kind of madness. Okay, aside from that philosophical exposition, we come to the story. One son, Ham, enters the house and notices the naked father laying down there. He sweeps himself out in a surprise and told his brothers. I can see him shouting loud, he could not believe it, a naked father!! “Hey brothers, you know what! Dad is Drank, he is laying just down and completely naked. What has gotten into him? What is wrong with him? How can he do that? Come and see”. Of course, they had to go, but how…

The success of any business: Profits (I.e Output>Input)- The power of negotiation/bargaining

You see, many people especially the poor Africans are ashamed of bargaining and eeeh you wonder if it true! Look at our economy, our businesses. The number one principle of any business is to make profits. In other words, it is to have much more output than inputs. Actually, the logical definition of business could be the concept, the practice of digging out a lot of outputs or profits from comparably little or low inputs. And believe me, the only power to make you realize this principle of making profits is the power of negotiation. The other evening, I visited Kalerwe market and negotiated with a woman, I was buying sweet potatoes and listen to what she said, “maybe you have no enough money, I see you bargaining so much”. I simply told her that I will never have too much money to just spend minus bargaining, we parted.

True wisdom lies in knowing that you know nothing-socrates

The above words were spoken by the great Philosopher, Socrates. But as we all know, Socrates is the wisest philosopher that ever lived on the planet. This is true yet he never declared himself to be wise or even better than others. Actually. according to so many writings about him, he was seen as the wisest of his times because most of his competitors confessed to be wise and he alone stood humble. And through the interview of what constituted knowledge, his counterfeits failed and he won.

TOday's Motivation: We are meant to be there for one another, nature's rule.

Our Motivation today is from two verses, Genesis 4:9 and Philipians 2:4. In the first verse God asks Cain about the whereabouts of his brother, Abel and Cain replies saying he does not know, "Am i his keeper?". This verse actually says that we are each other's keeper. For those who read my writings, we agreed that we all directly or indirectly contribute to the world and thus can cause the rise or fall, the happiness or sadness of people. In other words, we are responsible if one of us is falling off the grace, is feeling sad, is lost or needs some kind of help. Yeah, that is the whole truth.
The last verse just comfirms the above teaching, we need not take care of our interests only, but the interests of others too. Yeah, it all depends on many situations and factors, God knows this well, but the clear message is we are brothers and sisters and were meant to live in union and take care of each other. Good day

Pause: We could be sinning a lot by ‘NOT DOING’ than ‘DOING’

A scholar wrote, "you have no right to decide on the DONTs if you cannot provide the DOs at the same time". Yeah, i have been thinking a lot about my past and all the decisions i have ever made and believe me when i say, i regret so much the things i did not do than the things i did. Look around, most of us have been trained from our culture, from our religious backgrounds, and everything around us including our education that we should be careful with our actions, our words, and our thoughts. Yeah, even the bible teaches us that we sin through our actions, words, and our thoughts but the same bible teaches us that we should act, we should speak and think a lot and work a lot. So what happened?

MY TAKE ON PRISON BREAK: Analyze with me

Okay, okay, okay, for the sake of being part of the masses that watched and got possessed of this movie series, I have taken the time and have watched all the four complete seasons, including Prison Break: The final break. I have heard that FOX TV is already developing more of this already-done-with movie and, as I speak, producer Paul Scheuring is writing and 2016 is already here and so is the 10-episodes gonna be on our doors again, wish him all the best. Anyway, FOX CEO Says they are going to create a logical explanation for the existence or appearance of players like Miller (Scofield) who we all know died, and I was thinking that we can guess what this logic is gonna be if we are good protagonists of the movie!! Funny? Ah no, we can: Simply, if you were the writer, how can you bring Michael Scofield back into the movie??? Anyway, let us go to our simple analysis of what we already saw.

Never throw away your skin cloth at the site of a running antelope, you may lose twice

In 2007, I was in senior four and I was studying Mathematics. We had a great mathematics teacher that we had nicknamed, 'SURURU'. One day, we had an exam. There is this one number about vectors, I had done it perfectly well but I missed one step. However, as I looked out into the window towards the end of the paper, I remembered the calculation. Even though I had deliberately maneuvered around to the right answer, I now wanted to systematic and organized since I had remembered it all. What did I do? With all the excitement, I crossed the whole number, picked a new plain paper and for ready to put down my new matter. Unfortunately, no sooner had I started writing down my then advanced and organized answer than the bell went out. I heard the teacher shout, "Pens down, stand up". There we go.

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 49 Part 5 (verses 34-39): The hunter can be hunted.

The message to Elam: Elamites were descendants of one of Noah’s son, Shem (Genesis 10:22). While so many historians refer this Elam country to Persia, many sources emphasize that we take it as simply that part of Persia that was close to Judea. Thus Elymaites, though was close to Persia and bordering Media, is considered to have been part of Assyria. According to Isaiah 22:6, Elam served under Sennacherib, King of Assyria when he besieged Jerusalem which partly confirms that it was for Assyria. According to commentator Jamieson et al, this country was idolatrous compared to the proper Persia that was monotheistic. However, during the expansion days of Babylon under King Nebuchadnezzar, it was also conquered.

So Why Does A Good God Allow Evil To Happen?

Over the centuries, people (both Christians and non-Christians) have debated about the existence of evil in our world and the personality of God of being good and omnipotent. According to atheists, skeptics, and other non-believers, if God is all-powerful as we claim, then He would have dealt away with evil and Satan from the beginning. These people add that if we maintain that God is all-powerful and rules over everything including the evil or Satan, then He is not as good as we claim for He allows man suffer under the evil that He would smash in the twinkling of an eye.

The deduction out of all this is simple; God is either too weak to deal with evil or He is too bad to remove the evil.

But what about us who believe in Him? In this article, we are going to understand the meaning of an evil, the author or creator of an evil, who brought evil in our world, why God allows evil to happen, and when shall evil get destroyed and who will destroy it. Follow closely.
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