Be the kind of partner you seek:

I talked to a woman last week and jokingly asked why she was not in a relationship and her answer is not unusual, 'i would fall for one, yes, but i have not yet met the right one'. That is what all of us say, the right one for me. But today, i am asking, have we ever considered being the right ones first? In other words, are you a right woman before you think of meeting a right man? Are you a right man before meeting a right woman? Are a good citizen before expecting your leader to be good? And do you think you are a good leader before you question the integrity of your followers?
Yeah, i think our families have suffered, our relationships gone down, our country is in turmoil because we are not the people we seek to meet. As earlier cited Pascal's words, everyone needs happiness no matter the means he applies, and it is evident that we always wanna meet good and faithful partners yet we are ourselves not good. So ladies and gentlemen, are you the kind of person you seek to meet?

What is the point? We do not have the right to expect our women to be faithful when we are cheating on them. We do not deserve peace and freedom of our war heroes when we ourselves are agents of violence. We should not expect to meet great men, faithful husbands and handsome yet we are ourselves indiscipline sleeping in clubs and putting on nakedness in public. Yeah, that is the law of nature, what we are, the world gives us. So before we wonder about meeting the right partner, are we ourselves the right ones??? Answer that honestly and then keep demanding God what you deserve, you will get it.

This is an encouraging message to those beautiful women out there, handsome hard working men not yet hooked up, all of you will one day find your perfect ones, just hang on there and do your part, be the right ones.

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