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Okay, okay, okay, for the sake of being part of the masses that watched and got possessed of this movie series, I have taken the time and have watched all the four complete seasons, including Prison Break: The final break. I have heard that FOX TV is already developing more of this already-done-with movie and, as I speak, producer Paul Scheuring is writing and 2016 is already here and so is the 10-episodes gonna be on our doors again, wish him all the best. Anyway, FOX CEO Says they are going to create a logical explanation for the existence or appearance of players like Miller (Scofield) who we all know died, and I was thinking that we can guess what this logic is gonna be if we are good protagonists of the movie!! Funny? Ah no, we can: Simply, if you were the writer, how can you bring Michael Scofield back into the movie??? Anyway, let us go to our simple analysis of what we already saw.

First, this movie is good and really fascinating compared to the hell of failure we expected from it. Yeah, when I dropped it at the first sight, some thought I was just bad or somehow biased but as you all know, Prison Break’s production had been turned down many times and not by me, ah no, by great producers at FOX, including Scheuring himself, but was later picked up following the rising of movies like 24 and Lost. But looking at the success of this movie and how industries had rejected it at first, you can easily see that the concept developer of this movie has a mind far greater than even the genius in me. However, since this movie is no better than 24 yet it was produced and worked on following the inspirations drawn from 24, then 24 is far better and greater.
But listen, Prison Break is a great movie of its own. Really, minds like that of Micheal Scold are rare to find. This man amazes me with his thinking. While Jack Bauer has more of hard fighting and combat moves though with exceptionally greater logical and critical thinking, Micheal Scofield is genius. With a background somehow far away from army or trained fighters, Micheal Scofield is able to deal with the greatest assassins of ‘the company’. More great minds are those of Alex Mahone, this guy is just mad. You see, it is a little harder to make plans and create logics, but it is hardest to read and discover the meaning of someone’s plans, that’s what Mahone does. Also, since Mahone is able to read Scofield’s next moves so easily, it reduces on the stars Scofield deserves as a planner. A good planner should never be captured or figured out. The good thing is Scofield never runs out of options, never, never, and that sets him apart.
The movie somehow brings in some kind of selfishness on the brother’s part. If you followed well, Scofield’s moves and intelligence runs down as long as the lives on line do not include his brother, Lincoln. Yeah, somehow, some day, they both even showed less interest in saving Sarah, the woman that had lost everything for them. Now, you think I am getting emotional, no, I am not, and that was bad. Even when Sucre, a trust-worthy friend got caught up in Panama, these guys never looked for him and yet when he at last gets out, he is there for them to the end. Anyway, what is important is that they end well.
Seasons one and two are a little boring with unnecessary scenes and concepts that can’t be real. For example, the delay of T-Bag at a clinic where he first received his treatment, the continued long chase of the money, and the constant discoveries of one fugitive by his fellow fugitive was too much and boring. However, it brings in the idea that if we still, we can still meet. T-Bag’s character is real; I have met many of his kind around, people who will do anything for money (and not in the wise way like general Kratz but like swollen thugs). But his manipulative power is on demand in this world of ours where we need to market ourselves to ever have anything anywhere, including the church. Really, he knows how to save his ass most of the times. The only problem is he never knows when to let go and grab an opportunity once and for all and find life, his fate dictates over his free will (captivity of his own negativity). But I love his acting especially at the embassy gate with words like, ‘it is abominable. How come elephants, which are next to chimps, have DNA sequence similar to that of humans?’
I love Sarah and her acting, she must be a doctor in her real life, hahaha, and anyway, she is good. But there a thing that movie actors need to work on, that scenario where a caught up captive or whoever enemy is tied and then he slowly unties himself with time is unrealistic unless it is shown that the hunter is not aware of the enemy’s expertise in criminality. How come the general of the company escaped the bomb in the car? How come Susan (Grotchen Morgan) escaped from the hands of trained company operatives? The next time they show us people getting off their chains, they need to show us the weakness of the chain (at least, they need to lie us with logic if they have no any other way, shit). Sucre is a great actor. According to sources, he was chosen to act on basis of favors (I mean, he was their favorite choice). His heart can be admired by all true men, a man who remembers his past and considers his next moves for the future of those he cares about. I love Sucre so much.
The end of Mahone, Ballick, and the other field agent who testified in favor of Sarah at first and also finished the whole chase by bringing real representatives from UN who took away SCYLLA and freed our guys is heroic. These guys did their sins, all of us have entitled free time and chances to commit our own sins, but the wisdom of knowing when such a time expires remains with few, and the above three men had it, T-Bad did not. The general of the company, the mother of Micheal (Christina) and agent Don self are good actors too. But let me guess, a good girl looking forward to becoming a great mother should not take on such a role as of Christina, even in fictional movies. That mother is a devil. You know, I almost wanted to believe that she was forced into it and maybe still had love, but oh, just like the rest of us, we lose our freedom when success in form of money, power or fame comes in. She died a great death for all such mothers. On this, we remember the guys who headed panama prison (Lechero and Sammy, they died like hooligans).
Season 3 and 4 are more fascinating, 24 in replay. Scenes well set, actions well chosen, and then next move unpredictable to us, the watchers. Yeah, Prison Break is built up in such a way that it keeps becoming better and better. That is a good character of any series. The discovery of SCYLLA, the company’s actions of recovering it, Micheal Scofield’s minds together with Lincoln, Alex Mahone, Sucre, Ballick, and agent Don Self at play here, so fascinating. There is one thing I loved about agent Don Self; in his voice, he is fearful and incapable man, but his actions on the front-line are totally opposite. This guy is a field agent and also with average mind reasoning. Ballick is another guy with potential but only when in a group or is triggered. Grotchen Morgan also acts well her part though I hated seeing her face.
Okay, gerally speaking, Prison Break also highly qualifies to be among #MoviesForCEOs. There is a lot to learn in it, it shows that there is always a way to whatever obstacles to your dreams. Yes, the answer could neither be visible nor near you, but the fact is that it exists. Micheal Scofield provides options and means of success even where there are no such options; he is a creator, great imagination and creativity at work. In this last final break, I think it is fair to us the viewers to see Sarah get freed at the expense of Micheal’s life who she had suffered a thousand times in his place. Also, the explanation on the DVD that Micheal had no much time to live due to the tumor makes us the lovers such a guy feel a little bit compensated or considered, it is satisfactorily nice. Another good thing that marks up the whole of this movie that bad people who act badly and never repent to the end receive fair ending; incarcerated in prisons, dying on the road streets, being shot at in their cerebrals or at the back or losing the things or people they love, that is okay with us. I am already guessing how they gonna resurrect Micheal Scofield in the coming series this year, but I won’t say before you do, do your home work.
Finally, if you have not yet watched this movie or did not finish it, you have lost a lot, make a move, buy the movie and watch it. Promise you, you will never regret it. Prison Break is a great movie and a good and deserves to be on the same shelves as 24, Allegiance, Black list, Homeland, Quantico, lost, and maybe NIKITA. Watch and learn, what people imagine, think, write and act in movies is what we really are here in our real world. It is never a movie; it is our lives in play, WATCH. The end is nice: Scofield’s child, Micheal is now a toddler, walking and playing around with his mother Sarah Tancredi and uncle Lincoln Burrows is like the father now though as said straightly in Scofield’s words, the real father who loves so much never leaves the son, he is closer, right in our hearts. With great friends (Sucre and Alex Mahone) around, Sarah, Lincoln, and the playing young Micheal visits the old Micheal Scofield’s grave with flowers in their hands and warm prayers. Yeah, we shall visit and see those we missed too.
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