The success of any business: Profits (I.e Output>Input)- The power of negotiation/bargaining

You see, many people especially the poor Africans are ashamed of bargaining and eeeh you wonder if it true! Look at our economy, our businesses. The number one principle of any business is to make profits. In other words, it is to have much more output than inputs. Actually, the logical definition of business could be the concept, the practice of digging out a lot of outputs or profits from comparably little or low inputs. And believe me, the only power to make you realize this principle of making profits is the power of negotiation. The other evening, I visited Kalerwe market and negotiated with a woman, I was buying sweet potatoes and listen to what she said, “maybe you have no enough money, I see you bargaining so much”. I simply told her that I will never have too much money to just spend minus bargaining, we parted.

Many Ugandans think that when you bargain so much, it is a sign that you have no money and thus it feels shameful. I am sure there are hundreds of men out there who never negotiate especially when shopping with ladies or their girlfriends, you think they will take you cheap if you start bargaining. Whatever it is you are buying, whatever stage of your business or your purchasing, the principle should be to pay as little as possible, that is the power of business. Actually, sometimes I scare people that I am moving onto the next person unless they accept my offer, the money that I have, and no sooner have I made two strides than they call me back, ah, there we go.

Listen, your profits will not come if you only bargain at the final stage of your product, you need to negotiate at every stage of expenditure. When you board a taxi, bargain. When you enter a tea room, bargain. When you stop at a parking yard, bargain. And when you go shopping clothes or food, bargain. The point is to pay little money as possible on every transaction while you cost the same item as much as possible when delivering it to others. I do not think that is theft (Here, I am not referring to classic goods like drugs, supermarket items, services like education and taxes). Yeah, there are those fixed prices where increment or reduction is a form of cheating, I am not talking about that. I am simply referring to these daily transactions of buying food, buying shoes, buying clothes, boarding a taxi or boda boda, and I know you understand my point.

So what is my point? Your success of business lies in knowing the secret in bargaining and always spending less that what comes in. This does not apply to transactions directly related to your business only but to all of your life daily dealings that involve spending. Yeah, bargaining is not a sign that you are poor or have no money, it is a sign that you have money, cherish money, knows the value of money and understands business. By the way, overspending, being arrogant and careless with money is a sign of foolishness and God is not happy with fools. So ladies the next time a man takes you out for shopping and you see him releasing money without hesitation, thinking or some kind of negotiating, yeah, know that is not a husband or a man material. Eat his money, sweep away the goods and the items and run for your life. Bargaining is for men who know what money is and what maintaining business really means. Success

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