TODAY'S INSPIRATION: Get away from Sanballats and Tobiahs or get rid of them, Nehemiah did.

Hello friends, hope all is well. For those who read my writings especially those covering the history of Judah and Jews in times of prophet Jeremiah, then we all know that these guys were destroyed, their city (Jerusalem) burnt down, and many taken as captives to Babylon. However, times, I mean good times, came and they had to return home (the destroyed home). You can read stories of their returning in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. When they reached home, their first objective was to rebuild the city, its walls and rebuild themselves. But what happened?
In the middle, or actually the beginnings, of their work, some unhappy people, the Sanballat, Tobiah, and others Arabs started a long plan of stopping this marvelous work (Read this story in the book of Nehemiah 4:1-23). They started by revealing to themselves and the Jews that it would be impossible to revamp such a destroyed city and its wall. They made it clear that its destruction was far bad to brought back to life, and that giving up on all of would be better than wasting time. That is how an enemy of your development will likely approach you first: Saving you from the trouble of wasting your time, resources and energy on projects that won’t work out!

Fortunately, they did not succeed at their plans. This was because the Jews were willing to work, determined to make it come true. When their first approach failed, the enemies planned to attack the builders and kill them and destroy what they had done, that is when you understand the real aim of your sympathizers. Okay, this did not work too. Nehemiah and the Jews prayed a lot to God, held their own weapons for defense and were willing to succeed. Truly, they finally made it. The city, the walls, the life of the Jews back to their life.

What is the point today? Our today’s motivation is about getting away from those who discourage us or get rid of them. You see, people will attack your developments in the name of saving you from wasting your time on projects that aren’t going to work. They will try to stop you from dating that woman or man, stop you from taking care of your family, stop you from taking care of your job, stop you from going to your church or visiting the country or trying a new skill. Their words will sound like they are saving you. They will say you deserve better than your current job, your current wife or fiancee, your current business or skills, be careful with them. And by the way, when you do not give up, they will use threats, edogo (witchcraft), bribes and all sorts of evil means, there you now know them well and why they came close, get away or get rid of them.

Summary: Where there is a will, there is a way, do not give up. People who discourage you will always be there but they won’t win over your will and desire. The person who can win over your will and desire is ONLY YOU.

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