Today’s Motivation: “Our sin is not our desires, our sin is our weak desires”

The above words are from the great scholar and Christian expositor of all times, C.S Lewis. Most of us have been corrupted by our culture, family and even church leaders (I mean our religions) that our desires bring us to sin and thus we need to fight against them. While so many people have drowned in this preaching, I do not think it is the truth that Christ taught us. Jesus Christ and the whole bible tells that we should come to God, the true provider for our desires. The bible goes ahead and says that the desires we have were created by God and can only be fulfilled by Him. That is the whole truth.
The more we run away from paying attention to our heart’s desires, the more we run away from God for it is through OUR Heart’s desires that our God talks to us. What am I saying? We have rarely paid attention to what our heart seriously longs for and we end up picking up rubbish on the street and trying to quench the thirst and hunger with what is not the real food and water. C.S Lewis was so keen, he looked into this and realized that our sinning is not because we desire, our sin is because our desire is too weak.

So what? Take a time, meditate upon your desires, think deep into what you really long for, search your soul what could make you all that stable, beautiful and completely happy, once you find your true heart’s desires, you will have found your God. Unfortunately, we never do that concrete exploration of our desires for we have been taught that to desire is to sin and I wonder where that gospel came from!!! When we look deeply into our hearts, we shall soon discover that our desires are actually not money, they are not cars, they are not power, they are not education and high class degrees, our true desires are love, peace, happiness, feeling loved, cared for, appreciated, valued and respected. That is our struggle.

Let me explain this: On surface or shallow observation, we perceive our desires as sex, money, power, prestige and high education or classical social status, that is our weak desires. The whole point is that is not what we truly desire, and you know it is not what you really desire. Those things try to cover-up our true longings: the love, the care, the respect, the peace, the value and appreciation we seek. So we DIRECTLY search for money, go for higher studies, search for beautiful women and have sex, find power and influence, chase marriages and cars while we are INDIRECTLY trying to quench our thirst and hunger for love, care, peace, feeling appreciated and valued and other true longings of the heart.

What happens? We suffer more, we sin more, we break down as we try to chase after thin and weak animal meat while leaving fatty chickens behind. Have you ever pondered on Jesus’ words to the woman at the well? The woman had come to fetch water and Jesus interrupted, she was irritated and Jesus said, “I wish you could know who I am and come to me and get eternal water. You would never be thirst again” (paraphrased). Oh how about the words in Isaiah, “Come to me and find yourself eternal bread and water and you will be thirst or hungry no more. Why spend money, silver and gold on worthless water and bread that won’t satisfy you?” (paraphrased).

What is the point today? The point is this; we have diverted our attention from our desires as our daily teachings ask to do and ended up sinning even more. God does not punish us for longing for more, he punishes for longing for less. And the truth is none, nobody, on earth and heaven can satisfy our true longing but our God, the creator of our desires. That is why we have chased money, sex, power, education, power, influence and fame but have remained empty. We have trashed our true desires of our heart and lost the way to satisfaction. Start well, dwell on your desires, look deep into them from the shallow to the bottom. When you discover them, you have discovered yourself.

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