TOday's Motivation: We are meant to be there for one another, nature's rule.

Our Motivation today is from two verses, Genesis 4:9 and Philipians 2:4. In the first verse God asks Cain about the whereabouts of his brother, Abel and Cain replies saying he does not know, "Am i his keeper?". This verse actually says that we are each other's keeper. For those who read my writings, we agreed that we all directly or indirectly contribute to the world and thus can cause the rise or fall, the happiness or sadness of people. In other words, we are responsible if one of us is falling off the grace, is feeling sad, is lost or needs some kind of help. Yeah, that is the whole truth.

The last verse just comfirms the above teaching, we need not take care of our interests only, but the interests of others too. Yeah, it all depends on many situations and factors, God knows this well, but the clear message is we are brothers and sisters and were meant to live in union and take care of each other. Good day


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