Today’s motivation/inspiration: Covering the fellow’s nakedness

Our inspiration is from the story about 4 men; Noah and his 3 sons (Ham, Shem, and Japheth). This story is recorded in the book of Genesis 9:20-28. One day, after Noah had served himself a lot of wine from his rich vineyards, he was drunk and laid in his house with little, if not nothing, on his body (nakedness). As we all now know (for those who read my writings), drinking or taking alcohol may not necessarily be a sin, but getting drunk to the point of not minding about your nakedness is kind of madness. Okay, aside from that philosophical exposition, we come to the story. One son, Ham, enters the house and notices the naked father laying down there. He sweeps himself out in a surprise and told his brothers. I can see him shouting loud, he could not believe it, a naked father!! “Hey brothers, you know what! Dad is Drank, he is laying just down and completely naked. What has gotten into him? What is wrong with him? How can he do that? Come and see”. Of course, they had to go, but how?
The two brothers, Shem and Japheth, got a coat, call it a sheet or blanket, put it on their shoulders and entered the house with their faces towards the outside as not to see their father naked. Yeah, they laid the cover on the dad, and maybe turned then to carry him to bed or ask him anything or even counsel him. Whatever they did later, it was after they had covered his nakedness. What followed when he woke up? Ask Ham and the son, Canaan, they were cursed and the other two were blessed. It won’t be different with us, I am certain.

We have been ruined by our competitions in business, in games, at school, in politics and even in relationships. The collapsing world has taught us that we can win by making others lose, feel bad or look terrible. So a politician collects as many sins as he can about his opponent, a pastor collects as many mistakes as he can about his herd, a student finds out much more weaknesses about his fellows in the class, and then a man or a woman digs a lot and creates some to gather enough evidence of nakedness about his or her partner. The logic is this: As these people get their names painted black, we automatically win the show, but is it true???

We do not make a name or legacy by tarnishing others. We do not earn high grades by seeing others fail, we do not pass through the election by making others look bad, we do not win a relationship of a woman or a man by revealing how others are wrong, no, we make our names by actions of love, sacrifice, not pointing fingers and favorably revealing to the world that we have much better to offer, that is heroism. Maybe you really do not know why you like pointing out the errors, mistakes and sins of others, but it is tied up in your heart, deep within your soul: Self praise. It may not be clear to conscience mind that you are trying to raise or reveal the better of you by tarnishing others, but it is very clear to the sub-conscience you.

This is a message to us all: It is a message to the student who is being tempted to point out the wrongs, mistakes or sins of his fellow students so as to shine more, it is a message to the couples who are in a constant struggle of revealing who is more right, it is a message to a politician whose manifesto reveals the failures and sins of his opponent, instead of what better things he plans to do, and it is a message to pastors, sisters, brothers, priests and the pope who is living a life of pointing fingers to people living their lives, it does not make you saint.

Finally, my apology goes to so many of you, to all my friends, and everyone around me, I am sorry if I have ever, (which I am sure I have ever done), enjoyed or celebrated pointing out your errors especially in presence of someone else, God forgive me. Yeah, so many of this Ham are out there, people who enjoy the evil sweetness in painting other people black, people who enjoy revealing sins of others, it does not make you better. We are all sinners and wrong at some point, we all fall for evil desires of flesh and our minds and souls have never sought God in totality, we are all naked, we better cover up each other.

Summary, “If we cannot say something good about someone, it is better we at least keep quiet”. Good day

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