True wisdom lies in knowing that you know nothing-socrates

The above words were spoken by the great Philosopher, Socrates. But as we all know, Socrates is the wisest philosopher that ever lived on the planet. This is true yet he never declared himself to be wise or even better than others. Actually. according to so many writings about him, he was seen as the wisest of his times because most of his competitors confessed to be wise and he alone stood humble. And through the interview of what constituted knowledge, his counterfeits failed and he won.
The point of today is that we are never wise enough not to need more knowledge or wisdom. A very wise man always leaves a place in his heart and head, time in his schedule to learn and listen to more wisdom. Our generation is characterized by people who think they know. Look at doctors, look at engineers, look at politicians, look at civil servants of our days, even our pastors, everyone is claiming that he knows it all and thus needs no more guidance and directions, but is that true???

I was thinking that this is the era we need to search for more wisdom, listen to more counseling and read more books for the truth is we actually do not know. I have come to realize that the more i read, the more i discover i am ignorant of so many things. So friends, we need to read more and find more wisdom, that is the secret.

Finally, i have always told this to people that i invite for business presentations in Alliance in motion Global, you do not know anything as long as you have never sat in that rooms and see and listen for yourself. Because you heard some news about something does not mean there is nothing new that you missed. Okay, say this, "I know little, if not nothing, and i need to know more". Remember, most of us make non-informed choices and these will constitute our great regrets in future, learn to find more about an opportunity, a person, your wife or husband, your job or boss, your parents or neighbors before you decide on your way forward. Many times we pretend that we know (especially among the educated class of people) but the bitter fact is that we know Nothing, realizing that is the true knowledge and wisdom. Good day

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