WOMEN'S DAY Inspiration/motivation: As you make your bread, you should eat it

Zig Ziglar is one of the great motivational writers of our days and the above words are from him. But besides him, there are other common words that have the same preaching, “As you make your bed, you must lie on it”-English proverb. There are thousands of lessons to draw from the above inscriptions, but we will go with the more positive one: Find time and place to enjoy the life that you work for.

You see, at times, we are so much occupied by our busy schedules, businesses, schools, politics or anything, and forget to even take care of ourselves. Yeah, many of us may think we eat our bread, but the truth is that more than a half of us do not enjoy the life we work for. Okay, when did you last go for vacation? When did you last take your wife or man out? When did you last eat nice food, great food? When did you last go out for a dance or a play with your sweetheart? You are busy from Monday to Sunday, when did you last go for prayers?

Actually, the above failures make sense to those who are still struggling, those who have not yet made their bed, those whose bread is still in the oven, but how about you who has made some money? How about you whose businesses have made a step? DO YOU REALLY HAVE TIME FOR YOURSELF AND FAMILY?

What is the point today? It is so disappointing to work hard, make a lot of money, succeed in your businesses and politics yet never live the life you yearn for. Unfortunately, thousands of people out here are living that life. Jobs married us, some have sacrificed their heart’s desires and honesty for money and jobs, some have sacrificed even the time for relaxing for jobs, we work day and night, but do we find peace? Do we eat the bread that we make.

The point is that we need to reconsider our PRIORITIES and place LIFE, I mean, happy life first. Our wives, our children, our parents and our God deserves some time and we ourselves deserve some relaxing. So please, as we celebrate the woman’s day, may you find time for your woman, for your mother, for your wife, for your girlfriend or your daughters, and then for yourself. Spend some money, dance to some country, watch some family movie, live the life you dreamed of, that is the real business, that is the true success. It is earning money and then enjoying it. It is making sure that happiness is your yardstick for all your undertakings. It is making bread and then eat, Zig Ziglar recommends.

Good day. Nice celebrations. The Complete You Project


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