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Marriage & Bible: What is marriage and when is it acceptable to God?

The SAVE CAROL campaign is the noble cause for us all: #SaveCarol, the cancer patient with an everlasting and inspirational smile. I AM IN AND YOU?

Uganda facing double burden of rising NCDs together with death toll due to communicable diseases: Way Forward

How age structure and size of Uganda's population is dangerously dictating our bad living-poverty

Besigye youths crushes with police on NRM Victory celebration day: My take

Today's body health gospel: UTIs.

Change: Why You Should Not Be Anxious and Worried About It!

God did not bring us thisfar to let us down, he is yet done with you

MY TAKE ON HOMELAND: The disorganised and boring series

A dialogue about post-delivery life could raise our faith in post-death life, see through

The struggles with others do not call for comfortness because we are the same, but for a change and getting better

Why we cannot ignore everything people talk about us, they could be our mirrors too

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