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Marriage & Bible: What is marriage and when is it acceptable to God?

Marriage existed long time ago in the first days of our creation and up to now we still marry and get married. But I have followed closely what many people ask and say about marriage, and believe me when I say, we are losing the true definition of marriage and the only God’s requirement for marriage to be true and acceptable. Yeah, so many questions exist; when should I marry? Who is the right person to marry according to God? How should I marry? Do I need a church ceremony and wedding? Is sex all that matters to define us wife and husband? Is it a civil law that I should submit to? How about culture? How many women am I allowed to marry? Is sex before church ceremony and wedding a sin? How about having sex when a woman is in her menstruation period? A woman has spent 3 years with a man but no church ceremony or government validation was done, are they married? When am I allowed to divorce? Can I remarry my ex-wife? Am I allowed to marry following my divorce? What is sex and what is …

The SAVE CAROL campaign is the noble cause for us all: #SaveCarol, the cancer patient with an everlasting and inspirational smile. I AM IN AND YOU?

The above lady in pictures is called Atuhirwe Carol. Carol was diagnosed with cancer of the throat while still at University and while she was going under treatment at Uganda Cancer Institute, Mulago, another type of cancer called Lung cancer was discovered. She has undergone so many surgery operations and chemotherapy treatment with some few episodes of relief, but no healing. Carol, sometimes, wakes up in so much pain than usual and his condition has worsened over time.

This young woman (25 years) of age has undergone so much pain and suffering as she explains her story on her blog, She has been under this suffering for 5 years. Currently, she breathes and eats through tubes and her suffering goes on and on. In some of her posts on her blog, she narrates with hope how she wishes to feel the taste of food some other day, walk out and live like others. Carol has lost so much, but not her smile. Reading her blog and seeing her hope and strength in h…

Uganda facing double burden of rising NCDs together with death toll due to communicable diseases: Way Forward

With the very much rising trends of non communicable diseases like cancers, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory conditions and diabetes plus injuries, Uganda is in hot waters since this burden comes in when we still have the high burden of communicable diseases like malaria, HIV, typhoid, maternal and child illnesses, thus marking what we call 'double burden' or epidemiological transition. Researchers have revealed that the probability or chances of dying from one of the communicable diseases in Uganda is 27% for both male and female. This is bad news to a low developed country whose economy is low and its politics not streamlined......

How age structure and size of Uganda's population is dangerously dictating our bad living-poverty

Demographically, researchers look at the age and sex structure of a country and use the information to predict a country's burden in terms of socio-economic transformation. Concerning this, Uganda is made of very many young people of ages 15 years and below (48.7%) (State report, 2014). About 3.2% are old people of 65 years and above, the rest are between 15-64 years (ie about 47%).
According to demography writers like Bongaarts (2009), populations of ages below 15 and those above 65 are considered dependent and those between 15 and 64 are productive. Though it is possible to have those below 15 and above 65 being productive and those between 15 and 64 being dependent, the above interpretation generally applies if we left other factors or extremes constant.

Besigye youths crushes with police on NRM Victory celebration day: My take

I am now seeing most of you citing what you have just seen on NTV and you are blaming the police and Museveni again, but i will again differ: Today was NRM's day of celebrating. Even though we have many reasons why we should not celebrate, we have no right to disturb the day whether in words or actions. To have a gang of youth swaggarifically walking in town and saying that they are going to kololo and arrest Museveni for celebrating a stolen victory is too provocative and so the police was right to arrest them. On the matter of using guns or sticks, i like the idea of beating, that man was more violent and if one police man got hit, then guns would be okay especially the legs or up in the sky.

Today's body health gospel: UTIs.

What are they?They are also called Urinary tract infections. Most people especially women are prone to these diseases. Actually, it is hardly possible for a woman to completely miss an episode of UTI in her life time.
So if you are a girl or female, chances are you will have a UTI someday in your life. But depending on the hygienic situation that an individual lives in, some people (school girls, those sharing bathrooms and toilets in staff hostels, workplaces, church or any other communal places) have higher chances of getting UTIs than clean ladies living in their own clean environments.

Change: Why You Should Not Be Anxious and Worried About It!

From my high school to where i am now, i have always not welcomed change at the first sight or hearing. At school, the sisters would order the change of our hostels. At work place, they are always changing us from ward A to B, from B to C, and now from Mulago to Kidudu.

And even when i first paid for my accommodation, i had to change my landlords now and then. And I have noticed there is one thing that is common every time i am going through a change: Anxiety and feelings of uncomfort.

God did not bring us thisfar to let us down, he is yet done with you

We could all have died or be worse, but somehow God pushed us to where we are and believe me, he chose for us before we could know how to choose. What if your parent did not take you to school? What if they delayed and finally squirted immunizing you? What if that accident that claimed your friend took you too? And what if the exams had failed you? Maybe you would not even be able to be where you are. Maybe we would not see this century of smart phones and Facebook. Yeah, there are a lot of chances that life had to kick you out but did not. And i do not think it is because we chose well, none of us knee what choices were and it cannot be because our parents were wise, some of our fellow brothers and sisters with the same parents or even better ones are not here to read this post. What is it exactly that saved us to where we are now? It is God. You can accept it or not.

MY TAKE ON HOMELAND: The disorganised and boring series

First, this movie has seasons that are so much disorganized with no season ending in a particular accomplishment. Aaah, no, do not say, i am biased because the ending is not my wish, but really, each season's ending is nobody's wish. While so many movie series (see; prison break, blacklist, 24, or even Nikita) capture followers by building a more captivating story as seasons build up, Homeland bores more and more as seasons build up. Truly, season 1 and 2 try to bring the true picture out, what the real hunt is, the threat being Brody, an American marine returning home with a heart to serve the supposed new religion that saved him. The scenes are fairly good, the puzzle is set, people to solve it are active and we are on the course, but the whole story line dies of with Brody.

A dialogue about post-delivery life could raise our faith in post-death life, see through

In a mother’s womb were two babies. One asked the other: “Do you believe in life after delivery?” The other replied, “Why, of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later.”
“Nonsense” said the first. “There is no life after delivery. What kind of life would that be?”

The struggles with others do not call for comfortness because we are the same, but for a change and getting better

I do not think it is comforting to tell someone complaining about a situation to compare himself with those in worse situation and just be grateful. Like i argued before, a man has no sin if his richness is because his family was strongly rich. A senior six student on whatsapp and facebook today is not wrong simply because students at the same level in the past had no such accesses.

Why we cannot ignore everything people talk about us, they could be our mirrors too

Just like most speakers and writers out here, i am a preacher of the gospel, "Do not mind or listen to what damn people talk or say about you, move forward", but i want to emphasize that it is not a matter of ignoring whatever people say about you, that not wisdom. It is a weakness of being impatient with criticism and people who do not agree with you. I think the best preaching is this: Whatever people talk about you should not stop you from moving forward towards your destiny, your dreams.
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