Besigye youths crushes with police on NRM Victory celebration day: My take

I am now seeing most of you citing what you have just seen on NTV and you are blaming the police and Museveni again, but i will again differ: Today was NRM's day of celebrating. Even though we have many reasons why we should not celebrate, we have no right to disturb the day whether in words or actions. To have a gang of youth swaggarifically walking in town and saying that they are going to kololo and arrest Museveni for celebrating a stolen victory is too provocative and so the police was right to arrest them. On the matter of using guns or sticks, i like the idea of beating, that man was more violent and if one police man got hit, then guns would be okay especially the legs or up in the sky.
I know so many of you are going to be mad at me, but it high time we mastered means of opposing other than being violent and provocative. I am not a total supporter of NRM, i have so much hatred against them these days, but i am also not a complete supporter of opposition, i am simply a supporter and follower of what seems right according to me so learn to take it. So many times Museveni and his people have done some good things and so many other times they have dissapointed us and the same cycle is run by the opposition.

Guys, NRM and Museveni have taken 30 years to be what they are now, and if we are to be better than them, we have to work from the ground, build strong structures and agents to make it too. These violent emergent means won't help unless they are thoroughly planned and pushed in through as our means to change the government, choose well. Otherwise, i do not support the unending fights and quarrels with police, our people are being hurt.

For more, read my top 5 things to consider before staging a strike, a demonstration or a war.... I am done, start your cursing.

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