MY TAKE ON HOMELAND: The disorganised and boring series

First, this movie has seasons that are so much disorganized with no season ending in a particular accomplishment. Aaah, no, do not say, i am biased because the ending is not my wish, but really, each season's ending is nobody's wish. While so many movie series (see; prison break, blacklist, 24, or even Nikita) capture followers by building a more captivating story as seasons build up, Homeland bores more and more as seasons build up. Truly, season 1 and 2 try to bring the true picture out, what the real hunt is, the threat being Brody, an American marine returning home with a heart to serve the supposed new religion that saved him. The scenes are fairly good, the puzzle is set, people to solve it are active and we are on the course, but the whole story line dies of with Brody.

You see, there is that mission of dealing with a terrorist in Pakistan, nobody knows how it ended: Total failure. In this movie, CIA is attacked more than twice and losing many people to the terrorists, a negative message to the public, especially American citizens. But most importantly, these attacks end in killings, in the death of the innocents, and nothing more. The CIA operations in this movie are worst, failing a lot, and mismanaging its data, operatives and even informants. I do not think the producers were versed well with CIA operations.

The death, i mean, the non-heroic ending of most of its stars like Brody, Carrier, Quinn, and CIA first chief is all annoying. The problem here is not their death, it is okay to die, but for what and what then? I think the producers wanted to have every season address a certain issue, which is okay, but were fake enough not to finish any mission in a captivating motion. I have never seen a boring detective-action movie like Homeland, it is the worst of all i have ever watched. The truth is Howard should do something more, this one failed. That is my opinion.

The only guy who was coming up to be a star was Saul and, maybe Quinn for agent Carrie was so distasteful both in her operations and lifestyle. While she is so much talented in field to deal with bad guys, her judgments are too rational and emotional considering nobody but herself and the mission. While she did more achievements, she lacks confidence and continously works for approval, that she never gets straightfoward. Also, during her operations, she is not grateful to her helpers, at least not enough (consider the young journalist, a lady that died in Pakistan, Quinn and the young child that she fucked with and made his father kill). All these are few examples of her recklessness and little care about her subjects (Even Quinn died because she never looked for Him until her last mission was blown away. Left with no any other option or thing to do, she remembered Quinn, and believe me, if it wan't the other ex-woman of Quinn, she would not even find Quinn, she sleeps with every man she meets, i hate her). Actually, my hero in this movie is Quinn and somehow Saul for his extraordinary connections and calm-calendastine means of dealing with issues, but it is not enough too.

Compared with other detective-action thrillers, Homeland is boring and just fair. Yeah, i will not remove it from the list of "Movies Every CEO Must Watch", BUT it is the last one on my list, at least for now. You cannot put it on the same ladder as prison break, 24, Nikita, The last ship, Blacklist, Allegience, The Event, Quantico or Missing, it is belongs in its own box till i see some more that fit its category. Brody played well his part, he is a good player and Saul and Quinn and i think are adorable though all their stories are non-inspiring even to the best of us. But as usual, there are always lessons and taking into account a scene by scene, there is so much to learn. For example, the love of children or family ties in transformation of an individual (Brody was saved the bomb on hearing his daughter's voice), people use everything, even their bodies for what they need (see Carrie), conspiracies exist everywhere and eh love is better than all we have got.
Thanks, Those are my thoughts.

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