The struggles with others do not call for comfortness because we are the same, but for a change and getting better

I do not think it is comforting to tell someone complaining about a situation to compare himself with those in worse situation and just be grateful. Like i argued before, a man has no sin if his richness is because his family was strongly rich. A senior six student on whatsapp and facebook today is not wrong simply because students at the same level in the past had no such accesses.
In my case, i think every person has his chances and what he deserves and complaining about the lack of his provisions is absolutely right whether his neighbors have or do not have.Okay, whether in the Bible or in our daily lives, we are taught to look at others, how bad they are, and what challenges they have faced, and be grateful that we are having the same or worse. But i do not think the major point in such logics is to make us not ask for more or demand more, i think the point isthat we should take a lesson from them (minus thinking that they were stupid or inferior) and then fight to be better or even never to face the same trouble they faced.

So i think our children should not face the trouble we faced, they do not deserve it. Because we had such times does not mean they too should be exposed. And by the way in case they do, they have all the rights to complain to God, us, and their governments. However, i still insist that it is good for them to know what happened, just not to feel comfortable when it happens to them to or start thinking that we were fools, but to make sure it never happens to them or their generations.So the nest time, i say, i need more, do not say, "be grateful. Look around you, who has what you have, who is blessed like you?". That is no my problem, i just want what i want. Period.

Happy Easter


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