Why we cannot ignore everything people talk about us, they could be our mirrors too

Just like most speakers and writers out here, i am a preacher of the gospel, "Do not mind or listen to what damn people talk or say about you, move forward", but i want to emphasize that it is not a matter of ignoring whatever people say about you, that not wisdom. It is a weakness of being impatient with criticism and people who do not agree with you. I think the best preaching is this: Whatever people talk about you should not stop you from moving forward towards your destiny, your dreams.
When we analyze this, it is totally different from teaching your child never to mind about what people say, sometimes people say sensible things to us or about us and we can dig a fortune if we paid attention to their 'rumors' Okay, now let us handle it plainly. The number one reason or trouble that a person is guarding you against when he advises you not to pay attention to what people say is their tendency to pull you back, to make you feel you won't make it, to make you give up on your decisions and dreams, that is why we are told to avoid people who talk.

But assume you have mastered the art, you have made your decision, you know your life's purpose and just want to make it better and better, then you can listen to criticism minus breaking, but improving instead.That is what makes super people differ from weak ones: Super successful people can use people's words and criticism for more improvement and development, weaker people are pulled back by such criticism. The wisdom here lies in knowing how much you can take in minus breaking.

Remember, no matter how strong one could be, continuous exposure to non constructive criticism and negativity for a long time can still give terrible results. So guard against your heart against such destructive words, but not too much not to even listen to people trying to correct you or show you light.Personally, there are many changes i have ever made in life because i considered what people said about me or what it would like to others. Yeah, sometimes we need some kind of criticism from our societies so we can do right things or decisions. Nice times

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