Having answers to every question: Dealing with too personal, too private, inherent disappointments.

We have often been counseled to always try to look at the positive side of every situation and make use of every trouble, challenge or misfortune that befalls us, but the problem is we have rarely been taught or told how to do it. Usually, it is possible, out of experience, that every situation ends up working for us and not against us, but this is easily possible if we are able to keep a positive outlook that makes us think through, work through, and exploit every possible opportunity in a situation so we end up using an enemy for our promotion. But do we even know how to do this? Is it really possible to keep positive when a disease is harassing our lives or those of the people we love? Can we still walk through when our businesses are crumbling and nobody is helping? Can we be able to maintain positive living when all we see is a world full of enmity, injustice, corruption, and hostility? Is it easy to still live on with some happiness when the close people are nagging and a problem to us? What are the right questions and answers to really make this possible?.

There are about three questions and answers that can be a building stone towards any kind of situation, and most especially those that are going nowhere. You see, there are those too personal, too private disappointments that even our friends or close people do not know about, but ourselves only. Yeah, we could be successful, marry and get married, establish homes and businesses and achieve some degree of sensible living, some kind of satisfactory happiness, but there are those small lacks, small shortages, small disappointments within us that nobody knows about, and that is our biggest dilemma for solving them and living with them is all our job and with our God. It could be beauty or the bad shape of your nose, it could be the bad arrangement of your teeth, it could be height that you are not happy about, it could be the nature of the family, or the place you were Born from, or a health condition deep within that you are not happy with. And when you go to church, you could be lucky to hear your pastor say, 'learn to be positive about situations, especially those that do not go away and move on' but do we know how to do that? What are the questions to ask and answers to quench our hurt in such cases?.

1. God is so powerful and so great to control every situation. You see, this is your first step. In our search for truth, we have even tried to answer questions about why God allowed sign, why he did not kill Satan? Why he allows evils and temptations? Why he let's things happens the way they do? And we have never come across an answer saying that He had or has lost control. If you wanna make use of your situation, this is important: To know that God did not fail to stop such a situation to happen, he allowed it, he signed and a gave a go ahead sign. Yeah, He may not be the cause of your situation, you could be the cause or the devil could be, but he accepted that you cause it or that devil brings it to pass. Even the death of our beloved ones, God signs. Even the suffering of the poor, God signed. Even the torments of the rich, God signed. Even the success of the unexpected, God signed, Even the sickness of Job, God signed, and even your secret disappointments, God said yes to them. Nothing on earth, in heaven or anywhere is possible to happen without his approval, his signature. So say this to yourself, "God is still in control of my situation, he knows about it, and is actually controlling it all". But then if God allows what we see, then then next question, is Why? Why would he allow evil to happen? Why did he make my nose too long? What happened? Why did he decide to torment me with short height? Or a hard face yet i am a woman? Why really does he do that acceptance of such annoying things to happen?.

2. God Plays no dice. We cannot answer second question well minus considering this fact that God plays no chances or luck. While the philosophy of luck and chances is true to human kind, it never exists in nature or to God. There are things that we can only explain by basing on the concept of chance or luck, but there is no such thing as luck or chance with God or nature. Everything, even the smallest detail on our body has got a reason why it is the way it, placed where it is, it is serving a serious purpose of which, at times we do not about. And you know what? At times, this purpose, small purpose as we may think, is the great that nothing else would happen to us without it. Now go back to your situation, your annoying height, your disarranged teeth, your annoying family or place of birth. What if the purpose they serve is so great that you cannot live without? Of course, they may not be serving a very bigger purpose too, but the fact is they are serving a certain Purpose, a certain reason, a certain wish that none of us, including you knows about. God plays no dice, he does not depend on luck and chances as we humans do, He purposely accepts or allows everything to happen the way it does and sometimes, He does not simply accept it, he creates it or causes it to happen. Literally, everything is created or caused by God and for a special reason and purpose, not just luck. Now, what is that purpose? Why me? Why now? Could not there be other way? Let us look for the final grip.

3. Whatever God does or allows to happen, it is meant to be for the good of those who love Him. Yeah, everything is meant for the good of those who love Him, those selected for his purpose. But then does it mean there is a portion of people who are loved most and others are just on their own? No, no, no, no, and no, God loves us all. He cares about a murderer the same way he cares about a priest. He loves a prostitute the same love he gives to a saint. He loves us all and provides for us all. Indeed, the rain falls and sun shines for both the poor and rich, the evil men and righteous ones, we are all served by one God. But there is a point to make here, we get from God what we want or what we deserve or according to ourselves, not according to him. Oh no, i have no words to explain this, i am trying to say that God is generous to us all, but we receive differently because we are different. On the surface, it is unfair, some have more or less, some experience the situations for their good and others for their destruction, simply because we are different. Deep inside, it is fair (it is not equality, it is equity-Every one receiving according to who he is).

There are a lot of things to understand regarding this third point, and we have tried to explain and answer most of them at our blog, The Complete You Project, but we just have to know that we are in the times of grace to all though beneficiaries are not all. The bible says that we can say we love God if we obey his commands. In other words, if we live with faith in grace, we are right people whose everything is working for good. To live with faith in our particular case today, is to accept and believe with certainty that truly, everything is working for your goodness. Like i said in my other writings, the more we know and learn more of God, the more we get from him. Also, the deeper our faith and belief goes that a situation is there to promote and work for our good, the better it will be true. So God shaped that nose for a good purpose, gave you that height for a good reason, you were born in that crazy family or poor and misfortune place for a good reason, and you could know it or not, but it exists. Your next question could be what could be the good purpose, the goodness of my situation? With that attitude, many of us are able to find out positive impacts or contributions of our private disappointments and that is home. I am done, time for questions.

The Complete You Project.


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