What Does It Mean When The Bible Asks Us To Be Contented?

We have been taught to be contented with what we have. Actually, even the poor have been told to be happy that they are poor and get contented with the little they have. While this teaching is true and helps to guard against sins of greed, it has misled many of us from the truth that God expects-Divine longing.

Human development in terms of thinking, materialistc expansion, our learning and even sanctification is a continuous process. In other words, the positions we have now, the success we have achieved, or the exactness with Jesus we think we have acquired is not final; there is so much more, so much greater, so much than we are now that we can be-Divine discontentment.
You can be greater than that, you deserve more than you have, you can do greater things than what you have done, that is the right and true mentality of achievers and also of God.

The theoretical and biblical contentment we are taught is simply about recognizing every stage of our being, our success or our sanctification, and thanking God that we have become what we have become. In that sense, even the most poor person has got something to be grateful for, but that does not mean he should relax.

In other words, biblical contentment is about two things; liking and falling in love with what you are already and at the same time striving to even do better or get better.

For God's sake, biblical contentment is not about falling in love with your lack, poverty, sinful life or anything that you yourself feel is still inadequate; it is about thanking God and being grateful for the 'little's that you are and in the same spirit asking Him to improve you more.

It is not a sin to long for a second car when you have one, to aim for a new job when you have one, to think of a new degree while you have one, to think of a new Business or expanding the one you have, to do and be more than who and what you are now.

Actually, it may be a sin to keep less, to hope for little, and get contented with cheap life, cheap achievements and low sanctification. Of course, this development is diverse in its measurement, but what is common to all is that we are moving from level A to B.

So what is the point? The point is simple; you can do or be more than you are now. Oh no, i am saying we can do or be more than we are now. 

The success we have achieved is not final, the spirituality we have is not final, look around and say, "oh yes, i am happy i have made it this far and i am grateful to you God for being there for me. And i believe, you and i can even do and be more than this, help me God".

Move on. The truth is there is no limit to human development and complex successes; only death limits us. And for those who believe in life after death, there is even more.

So the next time your pastor asks you to be contented or you come across that concept in the Bible, know that it is about being grateful at every stage of our lives but no necessarily ceasing to grow or develop or expand in all our endeavours. 

Limitless- Divine longing

God bless you

The Complete You Ministry, www.nemvicx.com

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