Parkinson's law: work expands to fill the time allocated for its completion

According to Parkinson's law, work expands to fill the time allocated for its completion". For example, if 6 hours are allocated for work that would need 3 hours, then the work or working people will have to expand all their activities to fill up the 6 hours. Basing on this insight, CEOs and governments are planning to reduce the standard working hours from 8 to 6 hours a day for 4 or 3 days a week. Researchers have found out that when workers are given little time to spend at work, they work efficiently and find time for their other programs and life. This reduces stress, sicknesses among workers, multiplies productivity and happiness at work, and life becomes much better.......Among countries that are implementing this plan is Sweden. Studies are also being done in hospitals so that nurses and doctors can start working from 8 am to 2pm. The study is scheduled for two years and then results will be compared with those nurses sticking on the usual 8 hours. Remember, Sweden is one of the Scandinavian countries that believe in the quality of life than money and i think they still rank the first with highest life expectancy. Yeah, many companies have not yet taken up the scheme but soon it will spread to whole Europe......
Looking at our context in Uganda, we are far from this. Even few people work for only 8 hours. Many people here in Uganda work for 12 hours or more for 7 or 6 days. This means that staff has no time for their families, their lives and for recreational activities. The impacts of this are stress and low productivity at work, conflicts at work, sicknesses and reduced quality of life, poverty and poor health and so much more. The most affected areas are the private sector where most people are overworked and yet underpaid. In public health, we believe that enough time should be spared for people to take care of their lives, have physical exercises, visit friends and socialize, rest and have time for their families......

Way forward: We many really not be at the level of Sweden to start working for six hours, but i appeal to CEOs and everyone to mind about the working hours And also the salary so that people can find even a little time to enjoy their work.

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