Technology and Bible: We are not opposing God or nature when we do "impossible" things, we are reaffirming our greatness in Him

In the 2015 movie, Point Break, a plot is about a group of believers determined to break what had been called 'The Ozaki 8'. Ozaki 8 is a group of about 8 actions that seem to be impossible to be done by man as nature provides, but these believers are determined to work against nature and be that heroic. Research has been done on super sports performers who do more than man expects and concludes that as man does more that seem to be impossible in nature laws, he is instead drawn closer to nature than getting far. As man achieves greater sports activities within the same realms of nature, he discovers how him and nature have been one, had been connected to do greater things and yet for long, man had separated himself and believed in little things. That is the essence.
We are in modern society where what seemed to be impossible or unacceptable is now the order of the day, and some people have wrongly accused such developments as opposition to God's original design. But i do not think so, technology and all the new takes in science and social living is not an opposition against God, it is a confirmation of how great we should have been even years ago. Our God is God of technology and development, he moves with us from era of tools and living to another. The word of God does not lose power because it is electronic now and it was just on paper or stones in the past, it is the same. Look at the times of Adam, the times of Moses and the times of Jesus, has there been no changes, technological improvements in writings and communication, dressing and eating codes, transport and war tools, drinks or even way of living? Yes, there was and will always be technological changes but God remains and works the same way throughout history.

When we embrace technology, when we do what seemed impossible, when we indulge in new forms of reading and spreading gospel, we are not working against God, but for him in our era. I have heard some speakers condemn social media and internet for many things, but i get worried if a religious leader of our times cannot understand the power of social media and internet in God's work. The discoveries we have made in science, including blood transfusion, organ transplants, robots and all sorts of simplifications are not working against God but for him, it is up to you how you look at it.......
When i see great things being done, i get surprised at how little i thought God to be, and instead learn to deepen my faith. The surgeon who understands well the complexity and work of our brains and heart should even have much deeper faith than the common man who knows little of God's wonders. The pastor or man of God who discourages his flock from embracing technology, from accessing blood transfusion, from using Facebook and Whatsapp for God's glory is the real enemy of God. Simply, God is father and author of every technology and great things we see, it is about us to use each and every thing for His glory. This is as before, there will always be sinners and righteous in every era, it is about how we use such an era, and not the era itself. So our concern should be how to use technology and social human development for more of God's work.

What is the point today? The point is as the researchers said, nature had been here for us, but we had not utilized it to the fullest and still we have not. God is great and we are great in Him, but we have moved ourselves away from Him and tricked to believe in mediocre and look at every advancement or technology as sin, this has to be changed. There are a lot of patients we have lost because they lacked faith in some medical advanced technologies. Some have been convinced not to even go to the hospital but just pray as they did in Jesus or Moses' time. We have had scientists persecuted and killed because the church perceived them as threats to laws of nature or God yet the religious were the primitive and wrong ones, and believe me, we still have some primitiveness and slow adaptation of technology in the Christian world, this has to change if we are to bring change in our era.

Finally, i want to warn that there are dangers that come with technology and any advancement, but these cannot be taken away by fighting against technology but learning how to use it. And even if there would be no technology, dangers of some kind still exist. It is all about us. I am done.

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