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Humans, the real humans live in the villages, animals, yes; animal-like people live in our cities…Towakana.

Yesterday, I entered a taxi from school, and after settling down in one those bum-eating seats behind, another client, a young man entered. And as he was trying to fix his katofari (his behind) in the seat, he got some kind of obstacle and then leaned on my already-settled knee for his support, and so he made it into the same misery perfectly fine. But what! As soon as he reached my knee for his support, he apologized overwhelmingly; “Oh sir, excuse me, I am really sorry for touching on you. I thought it was a seat, a metal, or anything part of the whole car and not you. Please, I am sorry”. I asked him why he would apologize for such a help from another man like him and he simply said, ‘yes, people do not like it’. It was not the first instance, I was simply reminded. I kept wondering why a chair, a seat, a metal or any other part of the car would be friendlier to him than a fellow being! We talked about it as we drove home, and simply accepted that we are more like animals and less …

If You Can Talk, Then You Can Sing: My Mountain-Moving Music Story

Verily, I am one of those people whose family background or anything in my past has little, if not nothing to contribute towards a prediction of a good future.

Sure? I do not know (after all family is something much bigger than just finances or materials). Anyway, at least I am clear; we had nothing to give us hope. Having grown up surrounded by desperate poverty and need, I had mastered nothing but the whole style of negativism. 


Life always warned me; 'hurry slowly'. And the silent reply to every shot of dream in my head was, “shut up, where do you think you can go with this?". But there is that one dream, one passion, one desire, and one talent in you that is too powerful to be slapped by negativism. 

Yes, Napoleon Hill emphasizes that desire; creation of that desperate need for success is the only weapon that overcomes any obstacles. And I hear, you must be hungry, as Les Brown emphasizes.What was I hungry for? O…

Oh God thanks for your favors: Not even our sins can stop his blessings.

Oh yes, I was so scared, I was so afraid. Yeah, I look at how much we need your help on God, and then how much we have hardened our hearts towards you and I feel lost.Sometimes, I want to demand help from you like you are indeed responsible for me, but I again feel you cannot be responsible for a man like me, a sinner, a careless Christian. But you know, oh God, what amazes me; you’re love, your favors, and your mercy. Yes, I forever know I am your child and there is nothing that can separate me from your love, but the devil, the evil one at times scares us through our sins and advises us not to get close to you for you could be angry with us. But can you be angry really?

Seeing God’s love & favors in His punishment; Genesis 3:22-24

I woke up this morning and scrolled through the bible what to share with my readers and, sadly, I did not feel any inspiration. So as I closed back the bible, I remembered the divine punishment; the loss of Eden on that day (Adam’s times). We have shared the story of creation and the first man’s sin many times in relation to obedience and disobedience and their respective rewards but rarely have we shared the same tragedy in relation to God’s favors and love. Today is the day. 

The other day, we shared how I lost the chance to be admitted in a Primary teachers’ college only to be given chance for higher school and ultimately earning diploma in nursing (blessings in disguise). Read my profile now and experience how every God's blessing came under disguise! 

Let us examine what I am saying;

Failure to please everyone is okay, but not the failure to please even one: Some people in our lives deserve to be pleased


Early morning wake-ups of our school children; walking zombies.

Oh my God!We could be doing more harm than good when we wake up our children at 5 and 6 am for school or even when we enroll our children into school when they are still infants. Yes and yes, we have barely shared this and have jumped it often but it is time the truth hits our head after all, ignorance of the law is no defense. What is it?

Researchers have seriously found out that most schools especially our nursery, junior, primary and secondary schools are starting off their daily activities, I mean learning before even 8:00am. Yes, I have woken up early sometimes here in Kampala only to meet very young shivering children walking to schools. Sometimes, I hear these school buses passing in our suburb at 5am calling up and waking up kids of 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, and 15 years to board for school at that time. 

And yes, many of us (parents) are proudly boasting that our kids are in the best performing schools, after all they scored in Distinctions last term.But have we ever pondered what more …

The Long Waited Introduction&Wedding of Nemvicx and Amulen, 2016

INTRODUCTION AND WEDDING CEREMONIES OF NEMEYIMANA VICENT AND AMULEN WINFRED, SON AND DAUGHTER OF Mzee Nsabimana Boniface&Nyirakubanza Josephine (Kisoro) And Mzee Wilson Okuni&Harriet Okuni (Bugiri) Respectively

Following our long commitment in both love and marriage, we have decided to also give back to some important rituals in our culture and religion. For this reason, we are inviting everyone of you and all our friends and neighbors to be with us during the introduction ceremony scheduled this September, 24, 2016 in Bugiri town and then Wedding scheduled this December, 10th, 2016 at Kampala Baptist Church, here in Kamapala.
Your presence to hear us say to each other, 'YES, I DO' is enough but your financial and material contributions will enable us move on with these ceremonies. For this reason, we call upon all our friends, and families to contribute towards the success of our parties, the best way each can. Your contributions can be sent onto my number 0784948756 …

The Lovely Travel we had to Kisoro on 24/6/2016

This was heavily packed. First, we were attending Nizeyimana Charles Wedding. Secondly, we were seriously paying a visit to my parents in Bunagana. The other thing was preparations for our own introduction and wedding and the also touring as usual. So we boarded a 12pm Bismarkan Bus from here Kampala on Friday and we were home by 11pm. Mom received us, Dad was sweet too. We had fun with parents.
The next day was the party day we boarded to Kisoro town from Bunagana and had fun with Charles, photos will speak a lot. And all the following days were about going to church, visiting DRC, paying a visit to so many of my old friends, including Mutolere School of Nursing and Midwifery plus the whole hospital. It was fun, a lot of fun. 

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