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Humans, the real humans live in the villages, animals, yes; animal-like people live in our cities…Towakana.

If You Can Talk, Then You Can Sing: My Mountain-Moving Music Story

Oh God thanks for your favors: Not even our sins can stop his blessings.

Seeing God’s love & favors in His punishment; Genesis 3:22-24

Failure to please everyone is okay, but not the failure to please even one: Some people in our lives deserve to be pleased

Early morning wake-ups of our school children; walking zombies.

The Long Waited Introduction&Wedding of Nemvicx and Amulen, 2016

The Lovely Travel we had to Kisoro on 24/6/2016

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Born from Uganda, Nemeyimana Vicent (Nemvicx) has become what people call, "coming from nothing to something". Professionally, he is both a nurse and public health officer and currently works with Mulago National Referral Hospital. In 2016, he wedded his wife and great sweetheart, Amulen Winfred (also a professional Midwife and counsellor). Besides their professions, Nemvicx is an inspirational writer, singer, motivational speaker, author of several digital books. He a theologian and blogger at (The Complete You Ministry).

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