If You Can Talk, Then You Can Sing: My Mountain-Moving Music Story

Verily, I am one of those people whose family background or anything in my past has little, if not nothing to contribute towards a prediction of a good future.  

Sure? I do not know (after all family is something much bigger than just finances or materials). Anyway, at least I am clear; we had nothing to give us hope. Having grown up surrounded by desperate poverty and need, I had mastered nothing but the whole style of negativism. 

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Life always warned me; 'hurry slowly'. And the silent reply to every shot of dream in my head was, “shut up, where do you think you can go with this?". But there is that one dream, one passion, one desire, and one talent in you that is too powerful to be slapped by negativism. 

Yes, Napoleon Hill emphasizes that desire; creation of that desperate need for success is the only weapon that overcomes any obstacles. And I hear, you must be hungry, as Les Brown emphasizes.  What was I hungry for? Oh shit, it will disappoint you all.  It was not money, not power, or even some kind of richness; oh no, all I wanted was music. 

Yes, despite the poverty that was striking both my parents, my mom had managed to secure me a small radio receiver and thus by 2003 while in P. 7, I was already versed with some good singers and inspirational music and every time I dropped my body on my small bed, my dreams would only drift me to that time in life when I could hear my voice coming from white man's speakers, accompanied by sweet melody, touching lives in the world. 

That was my dream, and desire; to just sing and tell the world all that I got or had or have to say. 

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What happened?  The usual: I had day dreams, real dreams and night dreams and nothing of course was happening. I would listen to the then singers I loved (R.  Kelly in storm is over,  Peter Cetera, country singers like Dony Williams, the then gospel hitting artists from Rwanda, Alex Dusabe, Richard Ngendahayo, Appollineri, and rappers like KGB, family squad, and Ridderman) and feel carried away. 

Yes, that is not so great music as you can all see, but someone wrote that a great talent is lost to the world because of lack of a little motivation. Yes, never underestimate the power of motivation; it is all we need (fter all we already have what it takes). 

My mother and dad would allow me play my radio up to midnight, but out of courtesy, I would not try some kind of madness singing or imitating some raps; there was no space, we had one small dwelling and close to each in sleeping. That tells you the significance of space in creativity, and by the way, do not make a mistake of sharing one room with friends, it takes away your creativity. 

Yeah, my mother and dad supported me the best way they could by not rebuking any of my actions or interests in music yet they really had nothing much more to do for me. As I earlier highlighted, family is more than money and materials. I am who I am not because my parents financed me, but because they simply loved me. 
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By 2004, we joined secondary school, and I must confess I had enough time to practice singing. Actually, we used to travel, travel? Oh no, we used to walk, let us be plain, about 10 kilometers daily from home to school and then back home. Having my new enemies then as hunger, long distance, and the usual, singing was the only companion along the whole way. 

Yes, there is actually a lot of creativity in walking, aaah yes, for our generation, long drive! Anyway, I am saying a good evening walk can rekindle your creativity and flow of ideas. 

In 2005, I joined the Baptist Church, and music went on. Yes, we had a choir and choir master called Museveni Wilberforce. This guy was so great at singing. I sang, danced and created music when I was that young. We were shining. We participated in conferences, spread the gospel, sang along great ones; my dream was slowly unfolding. 

Actually, by the end of senior four in 2007, I had served Kabindi secondary school as an entertainment prefect, oh no, let us make it more pleasing and say, entertainment officer, hahahahaha. I remember collecting money for breakfast through hitting raps at school and students giving in the 100 shillings coins (Ask Kwiringira Evarist, Jama Francis, and oh yes, Duhimbaze Moses). Anyway, we had fun.

My story, the thriller and miraculous story of how I joined high school is known to you, but our today's focus is what followed musically after my O level. First, I want to confess that up to now, Mutolere High school is still the best institution I have ever enjoyed and exploited myself, not even the current university I am in. 

Yes, we joined high school in 2008, and I remember being teased and my 'slavery' work was to rap. Somehow the message had spread and many people knew I was good at singing, at rapping, and so the gang surrounded me and waited upon my sweating, which was unfortunate to them; singing was my life and rapping was my game. 

Yes, we sang and rapped; music was in me (ask Alex Muhawe, Laban Niyongabo Joseph, and so many more). Why so many more? Yes Mutolere high school has products, great products that can be found everywhere in the world; ask our man, Mr. Kayihura (IGP). 

Actually, when Kayihura visited us, we wanted to rap for him, but oh no, we could not for he had come on a bad note (we had striked).  Anyway, at Mutolere, we lived, sang and communed. I remember, It is in this institution that I discovered myself as a great singer, inspirational writer, motivational speaker, and of course a scientist (Yeah, I passed in PCB/Agric).

By the time I left Mutolere,  I knew I was a singer, an achiever of dreams. By the end of 2009, as we walked out of the great institution in Kisoro and Uganda, I had already published my articles in the school magazine, had written and re-written many songs, had started on my great book, THE 3 LOVES WE NEED, had stood up on stage and inspired fellow students and parents, and I was a scientist (that was enough for me).  

By the way, I started writing song lyrics while in senior two in 2005. Yes, Mutolere institution shaped me and gave me purpose and re-affirmed my dream and aspirations; it was a cool and conducive environment for everyone's takings. It was a university (thanks to the then Headmaster, Mr.  Kayonde John).  

What? I have talked of Kayonde! Yes, his participation in my life is like that of Dr.  Baganizi, Pastor Emmanuel Mutabazi, Rev. Mbabazi and George, and Munyanchongore Chris. These men are my heroes too. Anyway, off we signed out and entered the wilderness. I had sung, enjoyed fun, but how about listening to myself on air, or my song being played loud in speakers, and inspiring hundreds of listeners? There was still a way to go.
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During the vacation of senior six, while working and staying at Dr.  Baganizi's home, I met a friend called Milton T. He was working at a neighbor’s home as well. He later introduced me to a friend called G. Dove (Gideon), the one who would later make my first song. 

Yes, Milton heard my raps and was amazed. When he showed me G. Dove, we decided to make a joke and play with a computer that evening. Yeah, I had no much knowledge about a computer then (of course, I am better now). While in Mutolere, we had accessed computers and internet, but due to the busy business, I had not learnt a lot though I had grasped how to open and shut it down, check mails and do surfing, and by the way, we had our facebook accounts as early as 2008 (Thanks to Robert Niyigaba, Alfred Wright Ntagungira, and Buregeya, my close friends who taught me everything I knew then about using a computer).  

Anyway, one night after work, I asked permission from Baganizi and family to be out, and yes, we went and did our first song from his room (G. Dove's).  By the way, up to now, I have never done any song from a musical studio; my songs are all home work in my room or closet.  Yes, my singing and writing is, for a bigger part, for fun and general evangelism or inspiration of others. It is just my life, it is not commercial. 

NB: I am planning to commercialize some of my resources so I can best support all other efforts to make the world a better place and enrich people's lives for now and the heaven to come. ACCESS OUR BOOK STORE HERE NOW

We did the first song,  FASHA BOSE,  and I could not believe I could hear my voice in the loud speakers, accompanied by good melody! The dream was coming true. That is greatly the part of all I ever wanted.

What happened next? 

There is one thing I have really come to understand. We fail commercial businesses because we are being driven by money rather than passion and fun. I think the only reason I have made even the little songs I have is because I was not money oriented; it was all about being happy and enjoying singing and inspiring others (Yes, thousands of people have benefited from my songs and inspirational writings and speeches. Even one soul that celebrates life because I lived is source of satisfaction to me). 

Back to the point, we sang, lived communally and enjoyed playing our own songs in our ears. I remember bringing the CD to Baganizi and the family, and when they heard my unpolished voice happily navigating the beats,  they were like, oh dear boy,  move on (thanks to Mama Dushi, Damaseni, Jackie and all Afya clinic staff. Your encouragements made me move on). 

By 2010, I was joining the nursing college, to make another turn in life, a more challenging turn. Someone wrote that it is when we are having our lives at stake that we realize how far we can go. Yes, that can help for some but for others, when life is all at ease, we discover ourselves even more.  I am not a preacher of the hard way to success; I am a preacher of finding happiness along the way to Happiness. 

Welcome to Mutolere nursing school.

We entered the above institution in November, 2010 and believe me, we had greatly challenging lives. During nursing training, I paused a little in music, but finished up writing my book, and also had no good times doing motivational speeches or inspirational movements. 

Yeah, the only greatest thing that ever happened to me while in nursing school was meeting my sweetheart, Amulen Winfred, my other rib, and of course my graduation, becoming the nursing officer that I am now (thanks to Sr. Inviolate Baganizi, father Kamari, Dr. Jerome,  and all Mutolere staff).  Yes,  you are part of the big reason I am who I am. 

And the way, the inspirations in the song,  Jesus teach me love, all come from there (I will share this song too). Yes, I did not do much of the singing or writing but the dream kept growing. Yes, I am a preacher of the belief; you can pause on your dreams, move slowly, even stop for a moment, but never quit. That is the true mind-set of achievers. Yes, hibernating and pausing was one of the best means of making it out and indeed we did, for by 2013, I was out into the world of employment and hustling, this time not as just a singer or speaker but also as a nurse. 

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It is in 2010 towards the end of October that I first heard my song play on radio. The first airplay was on Muhabura FM (thanks to Rugaya-Mafara Julio Caesar, Gitaho Vianney Muhumuza), then Kisoro FM (thanks to Nsabiyumva Capher Gasya) and then later on UBC national radio (thanks to Moses). 

Imagine the happiness of my mom and dad when they heard my voice over the radio! Oh my God! they could not believe their non famous little boy was on air! Oh how happy I was! It was so much rewarding. Yeah, maybe you do not get it, but it is heavenly for any artist to hear his song get played over the radio or television. 

Yeah, that is all I ever wanted, just to hear my voice and share it with hundreds listening in to a radio or television. Oh God, how happy it makes me feel. When I look back, recite the personal struggles and weaknesses, the home inefficiency, and oh, the impassable savages along the way, I thank God and all those who helped me along the journey. 

"Yes, do not focus at how far you can move alone, sometimes all you need to do is to raise your wish and dream and people will help you. Yes, it is not about your family or yourself, it is about your God"

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Out into the world

So as we slip under this cloud of employment, and more other responsibilities,  I have really paused on singing, but oh, no, I have enlarged other gifts too. Yeah, with the work of caring for patients, more studies (By the way, did you know that I have just finished Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion? And do you know I am actually pursuing Masters in Biblical and Theological studies Now?) and other family responsibilities, I have paused on singing but not on the great dream; the great mission of changing the world through inspirational singing,  writing,  speaking and acting, yes the dream is more wide even more than before. 

Remember, it is from 2014 after joining the field that I have managed to make video lyrics for all my songs (VISIT MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL NOW)  wrote more than 10 great inspirational books (if you do not have them yet, ACCESS OUR BOOK STORE HERE NOW), designed and launched the great inspirational blog,  The Complete You Ministry  and another one called Health And Life

Hundreds of my patients have benefited from my inspirational work and with additional studies and expanded field of work, I and my wife hope to impact more lives especially the patients and sick people we meet daily in our work. And you know what! We cannot do this alone; we call upon our friends and the world to come aboard and we save the world with a healing word, the word of God. 

What is the point? 

If you really can talk, then you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance. And if you really can think, then you can write. Yes, it is not about having magic, it is being free and writing your thoughts. Do not give up on your dreams, they will come true. Just like me, you can pause, slow down, or even stop a moment, but never quit. 

Do you have the desire? Do you have that burning wish and need to see the world get better through you? Yes, you can do it. The struggle continues, we might not be where we dream to be, but thank God we are also not where we used to be. And God who made us a way then, He will surely forever be here for us and for you. 

So my dear brother or sister reading through my story, just know you can do even much better. Wasn't it our forefather King Solomon who advised us to take care of our thoughts since they make us who we are? Yes, think big, they say. And I add, it all comes up with small thoughts and goals put up together every day. You are never alone; God lives in you, in US all.

You Can Start Well By Doing This;


If you can talk, you can sing. Yes, I did. and you too can. 

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Born from Uganda, Nemeyimana Vicent (Nemvicx) has become what people call, "coming from nothing to something". Professionally, he is both a nurse and public health officer and currently works with Mulago National Referral Hospital. In 2016, he wedded his wife and great sweetheart, Amulen Winfred (also a professional Midwife and counsellor). Besides their professions, Nemvicx is an inspirational writer, singer, motivational speaker, author of several digital books. He a theologian and blogger at www.nemvicx.com (The Complete You Ministry).

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