Oh God thanks for your favors: Not even our sins can stop his blessings.

Oh yes, I was so scared, I was so afraid. Yeah, I look at how much we need your help on God, and then how much we have hardened our hearts towards you and I feel lost.  Sometimes, I want to demand help from you like you are indeed responsible for me, but I again feel you cannot be responsible for a man like me, a sinner, a careless Christian. But you know, oh God, what amazes me; you’re love, your favors, and your mercy. Yes, I forever know I am your child and there is nothing that can separate me from your love, but the devil, the evil one at times scares us through our sins and advises us not to get close to you for you could be angry with us. But can you be angry really?

Yes, now I remember, John Pipers words, our God cannot be made to behave in certain way out of his will. Our sins, our wrongs and all our hard hearts cannot make God angry nor can our work make him smile unless He wills so. Paul was right when he wrote; there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God, not even our sins. What is it?  If our good works cannot earn us salvation, then definitely the lack of good works cannot deny us salvation. If we are not saved because we do not sin, then we cannot lose salvation simply because we sin. Yes, I should have pondered on those words and believed them. Then I would have become before your throne without a scared face. Oh yes, I did and it is partly the reason I have not chatted with you a lot God, I felt unworthy. Hey, dear brother and sisters, do you feel the same to? Do you sometimes wonder what God could be thinking about you and all that comes to your mind is just bad?  Have you ever thought of calling God for help and then a voice whispers, you are not worthy? That is the devil, which is how he works.

The story of Adam and eve after sin is vivid. The Bible is clear; when they heard God's steps, they hid themselves. And when God asked, where are you?  Adam said, I heard you were coming and looked at my nakedness and was so ashamed and feared to come to you. Yes, but the question is; When God asked their whereabouts, was he really unaware of their hiding? I do not think that question was just geographical, it was spiritual. After falling, after realizing how wicked we have become, we hide from God. We run away from Him and try to fight and rescue ourselves. You see, that is partly the reason some of us go to witchcraft, steal, kill, or use any other available weapon to defend ourselves. But how I wish we all knew and understood God's heart, he is always asking, where are you?  After falling, why not come to me?  Why not report yourselves to me than hiding?  After all, we cannot hide from God. 

So I woke up this morning, wanted to have a long prayer and ask him to make it up to me today, but I felt somehow unworthy and unready to handle such a long conversation. But in my heart, I asked him to bless us, to give us some good way out.  And off we set. Luckily (yes, I have preached luck a lot of times. God plays no luck, his things are intentional and timely, but we do for some things happens out of blue), the Lord blesses us with good news, good answer, some way through.  And I am glad now. Yes, I am saying that God will bless you no matter who you are. Your sins, your mistakes and all your weaknesses cannot make God stop blessing you or favoring you unless he wills. He is not God who can be changed by man through man's actions, but only can be changed by His own will. That is Our God's nature.
I do not know your sins, your weakness or failures, but one thing I know is that God loves you the same way he loved you before. Even after falling, I pray that we always fall towards him. It is even worst to run away from your parent after sinning, worst to run away from God after sinning. Yes, God has given me good news this morning and I am extending the same grace to everyone reading this: It is no longer about you, it is about God. It is not your sins or mistakes that matter, it is God's love for you. You could have made a mistake during the interview for a job, but God's grace overruns all that. You could have sinned while cheating on your wife, but it is possible God's grace saved you from HIV. You could have cheated during the examination, but it is okay, God has forgiven you and will bless you. For his love, grace and favors cannot be affected by your behavior or conduct but his own will. So where does our responsibility rest?

Faith. Yes, we earn salvation through faith and it is only the lack of faith that can make us lose salvation. But how do we get faith? And by the way, faith in what?  Alright, we get faith when we believe in the word of God, the word of God that says that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and life. That is our part to play: to have faith in the mercy and forgiveness of God through his son Jesus Christ. Yes, do we remember the words, for those in Christ, there is no condemnation? This is true not because they will have not sinned or wronged anyone, but because they will have believed in the mercy and forgiveness of sins. Where are you?  Just believe in the mercy of God and your story no longer counts no matter how black your life could have been. Yes, I am a great sinner and I am forgiven and you too can. We end with C. S Lewis, “If you dare sin, Sin a lot" (paraphrased).  Yeah, sin a lot and live your whole free life as given. Receive God's favors today in Jesus name.

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