OUR TRAVEL TO THE EAST; Bugiri and Tororo towns, 12th/5/2016

Our family travel to the Eastern Uganda; Bugiri and Tororo towns

It was Thurday evening at around 2pm when I and my sweetheart, Amulen Winfred set off from Kampala to Bugiri. It was sunny that day, but ah, ah no, none of us was ready to miss the adventerous travel. Actually, it was an invitation from her sisters (the twins) that we were honouring. The twins, Babirye and Nakato were having graduation ceremony at UCC-Tororo and we could not miss the chance. So we boarded. The travel journey was fairly good though some hunger-related issue caused us some dissatisfaction, oh no, I am talking about when the taxi driver refused to stop on the way so we could swallow some chicken. We, however, had a good seat and no big overcrowding.That was in the taxi traveling from Kampala to Jinja-Iganga-Bugiri-Tororo. Wapi wapi, do not mind about the wrong date, the camera is wrong and we are right, it was 12th, May and it was Thursday. Remember, Bugiri town is about 167 kilometres or more from Kampala, 2-4 hour drive depending on the traffic of a day and transport fee is between 8k-10k.

On the way
There are a lot scenery on the way to Bugiri. Actually, I enjoy the eastern travels than the western. There are so many features in the west too, especially hills and large scale bushes, but they do not catch my eyes as the designed plains of wheat, rice, tea, sugarcane and Mabira forest along Kampala-Jinja and Bugiri road. Even economically, I feel the eastern contributes more to the GDP than the rest parts of Uganda since there are hundreds of industries in the towns of Jinja, Tororo, and other eastern regions.
Okay, minus wasting much of your time and also my precious words, let me introduce you to our first feature; the Owen falls dam, JINJA Hydro-electricity station

Haahaha, even me, I cannot see the dam exactly or the power-plant but eh sorry, we took photos from the car and thus missed a lot of details. Besides, we are not journalists to bring you all the details so enjoy the little you see, ah no, this is rude, isn’t it? Sorry. Anyway, the truth is we reached there, saw the flowing river and how it is tapped to make a dam that later generates electricity. Sponsor my next travel, and promise you, will bring you all the details.

Other features on the included the larger plantations sugar cane in Lugazi and Kakira. We enjoyed the drive through Mabira forest and then the numerous factories in Jinja (or along the Jinja road), including the abacus and paper industries. Oh I think I already told you about a famous stage where roasted chicken is enjoyed, we missed that for our driver was (maybe mourning the overthrow of president Besigye Of Uganda) not in good spirits. Actually, it is on 12th, the same day that president Museveni was also swearing in (call it inauguration day).

At home: Amulen’s family home

By the way, we delayed on the way. This was mainly because the taxi had to drop us in Iganga town and so it took us time to get another one for Bugiri town (I am sorry I have no pictures of Iganga town). What I know and still remember is that there was a lot of meat and chicken roasting on the town streets with none of the venders having a glassed kiosk

At home, we had fun. We ate, drank and chatted. The next day, we boarded for Tororo, it was the twins' day (Graduation at TORORO UCC branch) and then on that same way, we met babboons, saw Tororo cement factory and many other feautures. While at school, Lyll Mykk came (Lyll Mykk is the famous Ugandan gospel singer and rapper of the commong song 'wrong number. He is a real brother to Amulen and the twins). We had a lot of fun with him till we returned home.
When we reached home, it was all about celebrations. The next day, we did what i will never forget. We (me, Amulen and her brother Mykk travelled to experience their memories- the places they had lived in, the schools they had studied from, the hospitals they had gotten sick in and the places and friends they lived and played with). IT was so amazing to see the class my wife had shouted in during those days or the rooms that they had slept in. So beautiful.

From there, we were back home and had fun again. Mom was nice, music enough, food tantalizing and everything went beyond our expectations. We returned on the next day, it was a sunday and by 8 am, we were here in Kampala. I have had no time to narrate the story well, and hope pictures speak more.



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