The Lovely Travel we had to Kisoro on 24/6/2016

This was heavily packed. First, we were attending Nizeyimana Charles Wedding. Secondly, we were seriously paying a visit to my parents in Bunagana. The other thing was preparations for our own introduction and wedding and the also touring as usual. So we boarded a 12pm Bismarkan Bus from here Kampala on Friday and we were home by 11pm. Mom received us, Dad was sweet too. We had fun with parents.

The next day was the party day we boarded to Kisoro town from Bunagana and had fun with Charles, photos will speak a lot. And all the following days were about going to church, visiting DRC, paying a visit to so many of my old friends, including Mutolere School of Nursing and Midwifery plus the whole hospital. It was fun, a lot of fun. 


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