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Our greatness is in treating well the weak, no loss at all.

Our greatness is shown by how we treat the weak ones
Yesterday,  I heard this story of a man whose wife has begged for years to shave his pubic hair in vain. According to people's perspectives, many men are like rude kings in their homes and give no time for women's preferences. Some think that when a woman has a say and states some preferences and stands for them, the man's greatness is at stake. 

But is that so? Can a man maintain his kingship or lordship in a home by just being fierce and forcing a woman to just follow? I mean,  is it greatness to mistreat the weak, and see them bow down on your feet in tears and fear? Do we make a name by sharing off the powerless, pushing away the weak during lines, and being on top of everyone?  Really, can a man lose his respect and kingship or lordship in his home by being easy and flexible with his wife? 

Personally,  I feel great when people say,  oooh  that gentleman helped me do this or he gave up this and that for me. It makes me…
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