Our greatness is in treating well the weak, no loss at all.

Our greatness is shown by how we treat the weak ones

Yesterday,  I heard this story of a man whose wife has begged for years to shave his pubic hair in vain. According to people's perspectives, many men are like rude kings in their homes and give no time for women's preferences. Some think that when a woman has a say and states some preferences and stands for them, the man's greatness is at stake. 

But is that so? Can a man maintain his kingship or lordship in a home by just being fierce and forcing a woman to just follow? I mean,  is it greatness to mistreat the weak, and see them bow down on your feet in tears and fear? Do we make a name by sharing off the powerless, pushing away the weak during lines, and being on top of everyone?  Really, can a man lose his respect and kingship or lordship in his home by being easy and flexible with his wife? 

Personally,  I feel great when people say,  oooh  that gentleman helped me do this or he gave up this and that for me. It makes me feel the actual truth: I am greater than the individuals I help,  the weak people that I hold hands, the unworthy that I forgive, the women or the woman that I give voice. I am great

About two thousands years ago,  a good theologian wrote the same to the people of Philippines. Yes,  St Paul advised the Philippians to practice humility. Read Philippians 2:1-11. 

There is something about humility, we do not humble ourselves as a sacrifice to only raise others, but to raise ourselves even more. Actually a scholar wrote,  Humility is a virtue for the greatest. Yes, when we humble ourselves, when we listen to the weak, when a commando smiles to a child, when a big man listens to his wife's advice, when a president asks for advice from common people, when a teacher pardons a mistake-maker pupil, when we extend for a dirty person to find a space among us in a taxi, our homes or at the party, when we dine with our employees on the same table, when we tolerate the sins of those who talk ill of us everyday,  then we are greatest,  we are better than them. 

The above chapter is clear: When Jesus left the glory in heaven and came among us as human,  he did not lose,  oh no,  His name was raised above all names and He now sits at the right hand of God. Where in practicing humility do we lose?

Do you know why it is not easy for that man to allow and shave as his wife recommends? Do you know why we feel agitated when our employees show some misbehavior?  Do you know why we are fighting everyday to forcefully convince people that we are the owners, the leaders, the big bosses that need their respect and reverence? It is because we have given up on the only virtue of greatness: Humility and humbleness. 

Yes, we have failed to show people that we are better than them by giving them a way. Everyday, a man is imposing his rule on the woman. Everyday an employer is setting new rules to inform the employees that he runs the company. Everyday a pastor is not leaving the stage to show the congregation he is the only one who can preach well. Everyday a choir master never gives the microphone to juniors to inform them that it their turn. Everyday we are still fighting for the positions we already earned and then our followers realise that we do not believe in what we are and indeed we do not deserve it. That is why we are like this,  no humility

What is the way forward? 

Oh by the way, what is humility? It is the quality of not thinking that we are better than others. Literally, it is knowing how powerful we are, and without raising that status up, allow others to also rise or even use our greatness to raise up the weak. 

Yeah, that is the humility we need to practice. And how can we do it?  First,  we need to have a well built up self esteem. As a man, you need to feel that you are still a man. As a leader,  you are still a leader. You are a pastor even when you do not preach today. You are still a man even when you allow your woman stand for some preferences. You are still a commando even when you smile at a child. You are great even when you do not announce it. 

Yes, we need to construct that confidence in ourselves before we can humble ourselves. Believe in yourself, believe in your greatness, and don't allow a push to mean a loss of your greatness. Your greatness lies in you. It is your belief,  virtues,  what you call life, and not what you have.  So cheer up. 
Yes,  humble yourself before the Lord and He will uplift you.

The Complete You Project, We Believe In You. 


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